Schemer teams up with Wild Ginger to offer free potstickers

Seattle, WA – Are you a food fanatic?  If so, you’ll want to sign up for the new beta product by Google called Schemer.  A tool that helps you find things to do in your city.  With the new release of the product, Schemer has teamed up with one of Seattle’s favorite restaurants, Wild Ginger to offer a special promotion for all the “Schemers” out there.  Now until the end of the month, 01/31/12, you can get free potstickers just for doing the scheme and showing the server.

So, you’re probably wondering how all this works.  Because this is in private beta mode, you can use this exclusive link here and get a free account.  After you sign up, go to and search for “potstickers at Wild Ginger”.  Select the scheme and say “I want to do it” and show it to the server.  If you have an Android phone, you can download the app and scheme on the go.  Once you’re finished, just head over to Wild Ginger and get your free potstickers!  (Limit one serving per Schemer user).

A few other bites on the menu that may be appetizing for you when you arrive.  The above is a photo of the Cha Siu Sol $3.00.  A dim sum specialty, barbecue pork and onions, baked in a light and flaky puff pastry.  Below is the Pan Fried Beef Dumpling, a soft seasoned beef wrapped in a wheat flour dough and pan fried until crispy.

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