Get FREE Clam Chowder All Day, All Night — November 13th

Come and have FREE Clam Chowder all day, all night til we run out – at all six Duke’s locations! Tuesday, November 13th. It’s International Chowder Day. 

And, if you have a friend that would like FREE Clam Chowder, bring them along. All they need to do is join Duke’s Email Club when they come to Duke’s with you and they can start Slurping Chowder immediately. Or, they can go online and join for FREE at They’ll get two FREE dinners just for joining.

Come and taste the best Clam Chowder on the planet. It’s no wonder that we won the Chowder Cook Off every time we entered. It is really that good. I guarantee it. No preservatives, stabilizers or phony additives – the only 100% “all natural” – few if any can make that claim.

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