Pearl Bar & Dining Owners Announce New American Tavern Concept, KORAL

Bradley Dickinson and Mikel Rogers set to open KORAL in early 2012
BELLEVUE, WA – Longtime area restaurant professionals and proprietors Bradley Dickinson and Mikel Rogers announce the location of their latest Eastside dining concept, KORAL, a new  American tavern in downtown Bellevue’s Hyatt Regency hotel.   Three years after opening the doors to Pearl Bar & Dining in the midst of an economic downturn, Bradley and Mikel are enthused to expand on Pearl’s success with the new eatery.

“Our goal with KORAL is to introduce a comfortable and inviting concept to the downtown Bellevue dining scene; a ‘New American Tavern’. Where Pearl is sleek, sexy and sophisticated, KORAL is the contemporary, warm counterpart,” said Co-Owner Mikel Rogers.  “The goal in the design, ambiance and overall concept is to create a place where everyone feels welcome – be it a Bellevue professional in a suit unwinding after a long day or a group of locals in gym clothes looking to refuel following an afternoon of errands.”
As local owners and operators, Dickinson and Rogers understand the need for a reasonably priced, high quality restaurant at the Hyatt that fulfills the needs of the Bellevue neighborhood and its visitors. The 7,800-square foot restaurant will take over the former Twisted Cork space, offering hotel guests and Bellevue residents a uniquely accessible dining experience with a casually elegant setting and a vivacious bar.  Construction is set to begin just after Thanksgiving with an estimated completion date of mid-to-late February.
“The New American Tavern concept inspired a menu of high quality, recognizable ingredients, while also offering plenty of opportunities for those looking for a culinary adventure,” explains Co-Owner and Executive Chef Bradley Dickinson. “The range of ingredients and unique preparations will speak to all audiences.
”The approachable menu includes “Appetizers and Small Plates” with options like the local Charcuterie Platter, sliced to order with housemade pickles and garnishes ($12), Half-Shell Oyster Shooters with pepper vodka and optional horseradish ($2 each) and little gem lettuces with Dungeness crab and green goddess ($12); and “Bigger Plates” such as Gnocchi with braised oxtail and beef jus ($18), the Kitchen Burger with “serious goo factor” served with rosemary sea salt fries ($12) and Triple Glaze Roasted Pork Shank with savoy cabbage and black garlic sauce ($17). KORAL will serve dinner seven days a week with a weekend brunch, filling the void of quality breakfast options available in the downtown Bellevue area.

Located in the Hyatt Regency Bellevue, KORAL is a new American tavern offering an inventive, approachable menu in a casually elegant setting.  The contemporary downtown destination is set to open in early 2012 and will serve dinner seven days a week with brunch offered on Saturday and Sunday.  900 Bellevue Way Northeast, suite 100, Bellevue Washington 98004.  Stay tuned for website and more information coming soon.

About Bradley & Mikel’s Restaurants
Accomplished restaurant innovators and Northwest natives Bradley Dickinson and Mikel Rogers first teamed up in 2008 to introduce Pearl Bar & Dining to the Bellevue scene.  The growth and success of Pearl inspired Dickinson and Rogers to expand within the downtown Bellevue market and introduce KORAL, a new American tavern located in the Hyatt Regency Hotel slated to open in February of 2012. Dickinson, a well-known face in Seattle’s restaurant industry, has worked with and operated some of the region’s finest dining venues. Rogers brings a high standard of excellence and extensive knowledge to dining and hospitality operations from his experience working with esteemed restaurateurs and entrepreneurs.

Pearl Bar & Dining Owners Announce New American Tavern Concept, KORAL in Bellevue 

Opening End of February
900 Bellevue Way (Hyatt Bellevue)
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