Dish Review: Dungeness Crab Cake Breakfast at Coastal Kitchen

CAPITOL HILL –  Coastal Kitchen, located in the culturally diverse Capitol Hill District is the quintessential neighborhood restaurant.  Its high energy, expansive menu and unique flavors make this place a must-go for any traveler or local.  This week, we sampled the Dungeness Crab Cake Benedict. 

Priced at $14, this breakfast is packed with protein and provides you all the necessary vitamins to get your day started.  At first glance, the dish may look small, but after you take the last bite, you’ll be satisfied with your choice. The dish comes with a spread of poached eggs on two flakey battered crab cakes, a scoop of fried spicy hash browns, some toast and a side of fruit.  The eggs were poached perfectly to compliment the crab cake along with the kick of the hash browns.  Overall, the dish was spectacular, a bit greasy on the hashbrowns, but besides that, the combination of flavors from the mornay sauce, the spice and egg yolk make it a pleasant dish to try again.

Also, make sure to try the “landlubber” House Menu favorites that include: Oven Roasted Chicken with mashed potatoes, Charcoal Grilled Center Cut Pork Chops, Steak Frites, even an All Day Breakfast available ’til we close.  Coastal Kitchen has recently added Happy Hour everyday from 9 to 11pm.

Coastal Kitchen
429 15th Avenue East  
Seattle, WA 98112
(206) 322-1145

Written by Charles Koh

Founded EatSeattle, and has continued to use his expertise as editor-in-chief to guide the website’s growth over the last five years. Koh’s experience focuses on digital marketing and social media, and has been a part of several companies, some of which he created, specializing in both areas over the course of his career. Koh was previously with Google and Zagat where he helped expand and grow communities worldwide.

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