Want an Icy Desert? Try Chowking’s Shaved Ice: Halo-Halo

Photo credit to Chowking

TUKWILA, WA – Southcenter’s renovations in the past few years included the addition of Seafood City Supermarket, an Asian and Filipino influenced grocery store in the summer of 2010. Seafood City is connected to a food court featuring many popular Asian and Filipino restaurants. Chowking, the biggest Chinese chain in the Phillipines offers chinese fried chicken, pork over rice, dim sum dishes. Their meat dumplings are made well and an inexpensive snack. However, I skip the savory dishes and go straight for dessert — HALO HALO. I hope you’re not thinking of the computer game, because this is one thousand times better.

Shaved ice, a traditional dessert in many Asian cultures, is the foundation of the dessert. Then it is topped with pretty much every dessert you can think of. The shaved ice is drizzled with evaporated milk and various toppings like assorted ice creams, sweet beans, fresh coconut pieces, tapioca, taro, sugar palm fruit jellies, and flan. A large for $7 will feed a family of 4! 

There are many different ways to tackle this dessert. 
You can shake it, stir it, or enjoy each layer separately. When you take off the lid, you are encountered with scoops of ube (similar to taro) and cheesecake ice creams, then assorted jellies, and then shaved ice soaked in evaporated milk. At the bottom, which many say is their favorite part, is the sweet beans, tapioca, and coconut. If you like red beans in savory dishes, you will love sweet red beans!  This is the perfect dessert for any day, but I can’t wait to enjoy it on a warm summer day. 

[Picture]: My good friend Chrissy and I about to take down serious amounts of halo halo.

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Whether it’s eating, taking pictures, or cooking, Jenni Liu has always had a passion for food. Her days are spent in an office, her nights baking up a sugar storm for her dessert catering business (Jenni’s Sugar Shop). As a Bellevue native, she was seeking a place to share her foodventures in the city. She is excited to join the team!  

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