Salumi: One of the Best Sandwiches in Seattle

SEATTLE, WA – Salumi Artisan Cured Meats. I had heard many rave reviews about Salumi, but the hours (Tues-Thurs 11-4) never really fit into my schedule. This past Friday, I worked a half day and I was determined to try their deli sandwiches. I asked some veteran Salumi customers what they recommended and with a friend in tow and an umbrella in hand, we arrived at Salumi.

Located between the border of Pioneer Square and International District, Salumi isn’t hard to find — just look for the line. It was 12:30PM and there were at least 8 people waiting outside. Luckily, the rain subsided temporarily. This was a sign that we were meant to eat these sandwiches. 

Salumi began as a gourmet cured meat shop that upheld the traditions from Italy and the Mediterranean for preserving and handling meat.While they still sell to delis, resturants, and specialty shops, their sandwich shop business is booming. You know a place is good if they are only open 4 days a week for 5 hours each day.

We ordered the Lomo and the Porchetta sandwiches. The Lomo is a cured pork sandwich served on a toasty baguette. The meat was thinly sliced and wonderfully flavorful. The porchetta sandwich, served hot, was equally delicious. The meat was juicy and tender. My favorite part is when the bread is just a tiny bit soggy from the juices. YUM!

The staff were great! They were patient with my indecision and held lighthearted conversation with us. The seating is very limited so everyone shares tables, but it’s nice to break the “Seattle Freeze” and talk to some strangers enjoying the same food. There was a lot of, “Ooh, what’s that?” and “THIS IS SO GOOD! You have to try it!” I can’t wait until it’s sunny and warm enough that I can grab a sandwich here and eat it outside, enjoying the beautiful view of the Seattle waterfront.

I can see why people rave about this place. Make some weekday time and check it out!

Contributing Writer: Whether it’s eating, taking pictures, or cooking, Jenni Liu has always had a passion for food. Her days are spent in an office, her nights baking up a sugar storm for her online business (Jenni’s Sugar Shop). As a Bellevue native, she was seeking a place to share her foodventures in the city.  Find me here: @jennissugarshop


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