Field Roast Brings Vegetarian Options to Safeco Field

SEATTLE, WA — Field Roast Grain Meat Company, a local company founded in 1997, creates “high quality vegetarian meats that are based on European and Asian culinary traditions, and are made with the simple tenets of good cooking and traditional food making practices.” The offer a wide selection of products, including roasts, sausages, deli slices, loaves, and now an American-style frankfurter. 

The All-American Vegetarian Frankfurter now being offered at Safeco Field is leading the way in offering vegetarian options for baseball fans. Veggie Happy, a consumer advocacy service led by Johanna McCloy, has been working with Major League Baseball stadiums nationwide for the past 10 years to offer vegetarian options. 
The new dedicated Field Roast stand just off Section 133 on the Main Concourse will serve three specialty franks and their new burger, the “Field Burger.”   
  •  The IchiBan: Teriyaki glazed onions topped with a Field Roast Frankfurter garnished with a sprinkle of grated daikon and carrot, topped with shredded nori and a squiggle of a creamy dressing
  • The Seattle Chili Dog: A grilled Field Roast Frankfurter topped with a vegetarian chili with Field Roast and a slather of creamy cream cheese
  • The Bombay: Chana Dal curried Garbanzo beans with Mango chutney with a grilled Field Roast Frankfurter garnished with deep fried curried leaves and a splash of coconut cream
The IchiBan
The Seattle Chili Dog
The Bombay

Personally, The Ichiban Frankfurter was my favorite. The toppings were interesting and full of flavor — the crunchy vegetables complemented the creamy dressing. In second place was the Field Burger, made with grains, fresh onions and garlic, and legumes for a high-quality patty.

“Field Burger”

Field Roast products will be offered in multiple locations throughout Safeco Field:

  • Rolling Roof/High Cheese Pizza near Section 109 on the Main Concourse
  • Rolling Roof/High Cheese Pizza near Section 329 on the Upper Concourse
  • Hit it Here Cafe
  • Terrace Club in-seat service
Whether you are vegetarian or a meat-lover, Field Roast products provide another option for baseball fans and are worth a try!

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