Veggie Happy’s Specialty Frankfurter Contest

Enter Veggie Happy’s Specialty Veggie Frankfurter Contest!

Submit your own specialty Field Roast frankfurter concept and be eligible to win two free tickets to a Veggie Happy group game outing* of your choice OR a delivery of free Field Roast goodies!  The winning specialty frankfurter will also be available from the Field Roast cart at Safeco Field during a Mariners game outing on June 9.

Veggie Happy (formerly Soy Happy) is an informational resource and consumer advocate, also offering menu consultation and promotional and outreach services for foodservice providers. The founder, Johanna McCloy, is known for opening the door to veggie dogs in Major League Baseball stadiums. She’s helped in the facilitation of getting veggie dogs at most of the 21 stadiums that now carry them.

At Safeco Field in Seattle, Field Roast Chef David Lee created three concepts: The IchiBan, The Bombay and The Seattle Chili Cheez Dog (Read more here). The specialty frankfurter recipe usually, but not always, consists of a main cooked melange (teriyaki onions, curried garbanzo beans and spicy chili respectively) with garnishes and sauces.

Rules to Enter:
You can submit your entry under Veggie Happy’s Facebook post or in the comments section here.  Please submit the name for your specialty frankfurter along with a short description of your concept.  Note that it should have no more than four toppings. Feel free to post a photo of your specialty frank if you’d like, too!

The top five finalists will be notified on Friday, May 25 and asked to submit specific recipes.  The winning specialty frankfurter will be selected by David Lee and announced on Friday, June 1.

Be creative and think outside the box!  

Help bring the Frankfurter to a new place in the culinary lexicon!  Good luck!

*Veggie Happy Group Outing:

Saturday, June 9 at 4:15pm

Veggie Happy

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