La Caja China Summer Pig Roasts in West Seattle

WEST SEATTLE— Fresh Bistro is hosting summer pig roasts on the patio every other Thursday for the rest of the summer at Fresh Bistro.  Take a look at the dates and menu’s below.  This neighborhood restaurant is the perfect place for families and locals who appreciate fresh ingredients and innovative cocktails that will sweep you off your feet.  Stop by for dinner, happy hour, or weekend brunch. Come in, relax, and get to know the fresh side of Fresh Bistro.

What: Summer Pig Roasts at Fresh Bistro – pigs are roasted in a La Caja China roasting box
When: Every other Thursday (8/9, 8/23, 9/6, 9/20)
Where: 4725 42nd Ave SW on the ground floor of the Mural apartments in the heart of the California Junction in West Seattle
How: $18 per person = 1 lb of pork and all the sides and fixin’s. Pig Roast service start at 5 pm and reservations are recommended. Call 206-935-3733 or visit OpenTable to book online

Pig Roast Menus

August 9th: Hawaiian Style Theme
– Fried rice with egg, peas, carrots, onion.
– Tropical fruit salad.
– Spam musabi
– Lomi, lomi – tomato’s, onion, soy sauce
– Taro chips
– Sweet potato puree with coconut milk
– Macaroni Salad
– Sautéed cabbage

August 23rd: Korean BBQ
– Kongnamul: Sautéed bean sprouts
– Sigeumchi: Sautéed spinach with sesame seeds, ginger, sesame oil
– Steamed Bao buns
– Jap-chae: Vermicelli noodles fried with onions, carrots, baby bak choy
– Musaengchae: Radish salad
– Kimchee
– Kahlbi sauce
– Gochujang: Hot pepper paste
– Sesame dipping sauce

September 6th : Mediterranean theme
– Saffron rice pilaf with toasted almonds
– Tabouleh: bulgar wheat salad, cucumbers, parsley, tomato, lemon juice
– Hummus
– Nan flat bread
– Roasted root veg with chermoula
– Olive and date tapenade
– Tsatiki
– Grilled eggplant with roasted tomato’s

September 20th: Brazilian Pig Roast
– Pao De Queijo: Cheese bread
– Red beans and rice
– Farofa: similar to polenta
– Fried Kale
– Empadinhas de palmito: empanada with hearts of palm
– Papaya salsa
– Chimichurri

Written by Charles Koh

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