Monsoon Welcomes Author Andrea Nguyen


CAPITOL HILL – Chefs Eric and Sophie Banh welcome friend and author, Andrea Nguyen, to Monsoon for a delicious lunch in celebration of her most recent cookbook, Asian Tofu: Discover the Best, Make Your Own, and Cook It at Home.
“We are thrilled to welcome Andrea back to Seattle,” says Eric Banh. “We had a wonderful time when she was here promoting her last book, Asian Dumplings. She is innovative, a lot of fun in the kitchen, and someone Sophie and I really admire.”
Nguyen, a self-confessed tofu geek, is having non-GMO soybeans from Fairview Farms in Iowa sent to Monsoon for the lunch on September 19.
“The Laura soybeans are a single source bean and just fabulous,” says Nguyen. “I felt like I hit the tofu jackpot when I discovered them, as they make excellent soy milk and tofu.”
Lunch begins at 12pm and cost is $35/person. Cost includes a family-style meal and wine. Copies of Asian Tofu will be available for purchase and signing. Advanced tickets are required and can be purchased at  
The menu, a collaboration between the Banh’s and Nguyen, showcases their favorite kinds of tofu, from the familiar white block to tofu skin, fermented tofu, and tofu pudding.
The menu for lunch is as follows:
– Bì Cuốn Chay (tofu “pork” fresh roll, mint, fresh bun)
– Goat Skewers, Lemongrass, Chao Sauce
– Angiolina Farm Cucumber Salad, Tofu, Vegetarian Nước Chấm
– Wokked Pressed Tofu, Roasted Duck, Rapini

– Roasted Carlton Farm Pork Belly, Chao Sauce

– Vegetarian Lemongrass Tofu, Roasted Chili

– Wokked Rau Muống, Garlic, Chao Sauce
– House-made Fresh Warm Tofu, Ginger Syrup
Asian Tofu showcases tofu in its many forms, elevating this time-honored staple to a new place of prominence on every table. A tofu tutorial clearly outlines technique and guides home cooks through creating numerous varieties of tofu. The flavor-forward recipes explore the full range of traditional and modern tofu uses—from silken tofu pudding and a spicy “noodle” dish made with tender tofu skin to preparations featuring baked, smoked, marinated, or crumbled tofu as the star.
A few dishes require homemade tofu, but most are terrific with purchased tofu products. This collection of nearly 100 recipes highlights predominantly meatless or low-meat fare, making this cookbook ideal for vegetarians, vegans, those trying to reduce their meat intake, and DIY cooking enthusiasts.
Andrea Nguyen is one of the country’s leading voices on Asian cuisine and the author of the acclaimed Asian Dumplings and the James Beard- and IACP-nominated Into the Vietnamese Kitchen. She has written for Saveur magazine, where she is also a contributing editor, the Los Angeles Times, Wall Street Journal, and many others. She publishes
Opened 1999, by sibling chefs Sophie and Eric Banh, Monsoon is acclaimed for introducing modern Vietnamese cuisine to Seattle. Tucked into a quaint Capitol Hill neighborhood, this Seattle gem is widely influenced by the culinary traditions of Saigon as well as the fresh ingredients of the Pacific Northwest. In addition to time spent in the kitchen, Eric maintains an award-winning wine list. Monsoon is open Monday – Friday from 11:30am – 10pm, and Saturday and Sunday from 10am – 10pm. Monsoon offers local lunch box delivery. For reservations or more information, call 206.325.2111 or visit
Monsoon is located at 615 19th Avenue East in Seattle, Washington.

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