Sparkle Donkey – The World’s Best Tequila™ Finally Arrives in the US

Oldest and Most Widely Respected Tequila Moves Beyond Donkey-Only Distribution in Partnership with Black Rock Spirits
Seattle, WA – Black Rock Spirits, makers of Bakon Vodka, a brand that in only three years gained nation-wide distribution and a fanatical fan base, today announced they are assisting with the US distribution of Sparkle Donkey Silver and Sparkle Donkey Reposado tequilas.  Until now, this 100% agave award-winning tequila  with a rich heritage has only been available in small batches due to inefficient donkey-only distribution, according to a Black Rock Spirits spokesperson.

As most tequila aficionados know, heritage is critical to the taste of any tequila.  “Is your favorite tequila old enough?” asks Black Rock Spirits subordinate, Sven Lidén.  “Maybe not. There are many tequilas to choose from and some have been around for three, four, even five generations.  We’re proud to be importing tequila with a heritage that goes back not generations, butcenturies.  We’re also pleased that the Institute of Tequila Studies has recently completed an in-depth historical archive of the legend behind the world’s best tequila, Sparkle Donkey.”

The tale of the elusive Sparkle Donkey (or ‘El Burro Esparkalo’ as it’s known to locals) is as rich with history as it is with mystery.  Legend has it that one of the most well documented sightings of El Burro Esparkalo was in the late 1800s in a small Mexican village in the Jalisco region.  Residents say that the donkey saved their village after spring floods destroyed their agave fields, bringing barrels of tequila down the mountain.  Analysis confirms that the 100% Agave tequila is handcrafted somewhere in the Jalisco region using high-sugar agave and volcanic spring water, but beyond that, not much is known.  The complete historical archive by the Institute of Tequila Studies can be viewed at 

Fans of the Sparkle Donkey brand have been around for decades in the US, but until now were unable to find it consistently or in large quantities.  Despite its rarity, notable spirits competitions and judges have praised the limited edition tequila’s quality.  Sparkle Donkey Silver was recently awarded a Gold Medal (rated 93 points, ‘Exceptional’) at the 2012 BTI International Spirits Competition (  The Reposado also earned a Silver Medal (rated 88 points, ‘Highly Recommended’) at the competition.

Prices vary from state to state, but Sparkle Donkey typically retails in the low- to mid-20 dollar range.  For more information on when Sparkle Donkey will be available locally or to learn more about the legend and history of El Burro Esparkalo, visit, watch the video at or like Sparkle Donkey on Facebook

Written by Charles Koh

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