CLOSURE: Copper Gate on July 1 after 7 Years

Ballard’s Copper Gate announced today it has sold the business and the bar/restaurant will close on July 1. Its last operating day will be Sunday, June 30. The new owners are locally-based and will have a new concept and a different name for the venue.

“We enjoyed serving people for seven years. It’s been a good run,” says the owners of Copper Gate. “We would like to thank our loyal customers, our staff, the musicians who performed at our space, and Ballard for having us. We had a great time having the place and we wish the new owners the best.”

A celebration will be held every day starting at 5 p.m. until Copper Gate closes its doors after the day’s business is complete on Sunday, June 30. Copper Gate invites everyone (21 and over) to come and hang out. Events will be posted on its Facebook page at

Established in 1946, legend has it that Copper Gate was operated by a red-headed burlesque performer who bartended in the buff, securing a steady flow of customers. After resurrecting the bar in 2006 in the same space where it was founded, Copper Gate’s owners payed homage to its fearless history through its famed decor, good food, good vibes, live music offerings and off-the-wall entertainment, while staying true to Ballard’s Scandinavian roots.

Copper Gate is currently located at 6301 24th Avenue NW in uptown Ballard.

Written by Charles Koh

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