Local Mademoiselle Mousse Whips Up Vegan and Gluten-Free Dessert

Seattle Nutritionist Creates a Healthful and Delicious Chocolate Treat

Decadent, rich, creamy and vegan, gluten-free and nut-free? An unlikely combination, but that’s what you’ll find in the newly launched chocolate dessert line by Ballard-based Mademoiselle Mousse (www.mademoisellemousse.com), founded by local nutrition expert Terri Blair. A love of dessert paired with her understanding of diet and food intolerances led Terri to develop a truly unique recipe using the finest ingredients for a guilt-free summer sweet.

Inspired by the Parisian tradition of a daily afternoon treat, Terri began Mademoiselle Mousse in her home kitchen to satisfy her love of chocolate. A mom who recognized the need for desserts with healthful, quality ingredients, Terri’s recipe uses organic silken tofu and a tried and true whipping technique to create an airy texture. Her rich, full flavors quickly won over the taste buds of friends and family, and soon Terri took the mousse to market so everyone could enjoy it.

Without sacrificing flavor or texture, Terri has developed three flavors – l’orange, la menthe and café – that are a healthy alternative to the traditional chocolate mousses made with dairy and eggs, and contain 40% more calories, double the fat and nearly three times the sugar.

A decadent dessert meant to be enjoyed often without feeling guilty, Mademoiselle Mousse is ideal as a seasonal snack for picnics, barbecues and lounging at the beach and everyday as an afternoon treat. Try it and tell us what you think on Facebook:www.facebook.com/mademoisellemousse! Find a full list of local retailers and cafes carrying Mademoiselle Mousse on the website here: www.mademoisellemousse.com/where-to-buy.

“We all need a decadent dessert to look forward to without feeling like we are being over indulgent or that we need to limit ourselves,” said founder, Terri Blair

Written by Charles Koh

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