broVo Spirits Takes Home Gold and Bronze Medals at 2013 Beverly Hills World Spirits Competition®

Quintessential Cucumber cocktail with broVo Douglas Fir, courtesy Scott Diaz/Elliott’s Oyster House.

broVo Spirits, hand crafted in Washington state, has been recognized at the 2013 Beverly Hills Worlds Spirits Competition, winning several awards.  The Seattle based spirits company won medals for each category entered including three Gold Medals.

broVo Spirits won Gold Medals for extraordinary taste for their signature Douglas Fir Liqueur, broVo Amaro No.1, and broVo Amaro No.5.  The broVo amaro line received Bronze Medals for packaging and design. BroVo Amaro No.3 also received a Bronze Medal for taste.

broVo Spirits works very closely with bartenders, who use their cocktail expertise and sophisticated palates to help create unique products in partnership. 

“We raise our glasses to the bartenders with whom we work to develop our products,” said broVo co-founder Mhairi Voelsgen “These medals are their medals.”  

In early 2013, broVo unveiled Project Amaro, a line of seven Amaros (amari) developed in collaboration with Seattle area bartenders. In Fall 2014 broVo will be releasing lines in San Francisco and Chicago, as well as Seattle with bartenders from those cities. In Chicago Mike Ryan from Sable, Steven Cole from The Barrelhouse Flat, Bobby Adams from Fion Wine Bar and Greg Miesch from Fion Wine Bar will participate. In San Francisco, Amanda Womack of Cask Liquor Store, Suzanne Miller of Clockbar and Will Popko of Bourbon and Branch will participate.

“I am elated that the bartenders who authored the initial broVo Amaro have been acknowledged as some of the best artisans in the country and among their peers,” said Voelsgen.

Details about The Medal Winners:
broVo+DF Douglas Fir Liqueur
The Douglas fir is native to Washington State’s west coast. It has grown there for centuries. broVo forages new growth at the peak of spring when the citrus and earth notes are strongest. It’s slow distilled in small batches to capture more high and base notes, and a more robust flavor profile. Four ingredients make up broVo+DF Douglas Fir Liqueur.

Amaro No.1
No 1 is crafted by award winning bartender John Ueding. broVo Amaro No.1 is made in the style of a Gran Classico, with orange, clove, and cardamom notes. It finishes with cinnamon and pink peppercorn. It is sweetened with agave nectar.

Amaro No.3

No 3 is crafted by Sarah Wyan. broVo Amaro No.3 is a unique true Northwest Amaro. It features hints of angelica and mogwort along with a solid Gentian root base.

Amaro No.5

No 5 is crafted by Sara Fisher. This Amaro is reminiscent of Sara’s youth in Alaska, crafted with nettles, marjoram, rose petals, and dried apple slices. It finishes with a clove note.

About broVo Spirits
broVo liqueurs are all made with botanical ingredients organically grown in Washington State. Designed to have a luscious mouth feel, they are delicious in cocktails or straight up on ice as a sipping liquor. They are made from ingredients harvested at the peak of their season and slow distilled in small batches to maximize the flavor profile. They are then sweetened with agave nectar. broVo liqueurs are 25% ABV and 750 ml. broVo liqueur flavors include: Rose Geranium, Ginger, Lavender, Douglas Fir, Lemon Balm, Spearmint (released July 2013). In early 2013 broVo launched a unique new amaro line in partnership with bartenders. broVo Project Amaro features limited edition amaro authored by outstanding bartenders and produced by broVo Spirits. For more information, visit and follow broVo on Twitter and Facebook.

About Beverly Hills Worlds Spirits Competition®

The Beverly Hills World Spirits Competition is an international spirit awards competition. Beverly Hills is considered one of the most respected and recognized cities in the world and the ultimate playground for those appreciate and enjoy the best of everything. The 2013 Beverly Hills World Spirits Competition® attracted an astounding 121 brands from around the world. An exclusive 18 percent of entrants received Gold Medals, recognized as having extraordinary taste. More information at:

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