NEW OPENING: The Dish Cafe Expands Into Green Lake! Who’s Hungry?!

The owners of the Dish Cafe will be opening the doors to their second location in the Green Lake area on August 14, 2013. The establishment sits on the corner of 65th and Latona Ave, sharing a block with other locally owned businesses that have resided there for many years.  It’s cozy, family-friendly and great comfort food with a flair.

The breakfast, brunch and lunch diner, known for its hearty breakfast fare and collection of hot sauces, will be serving the same food in Green Lake as at the Ballard location.

“As a diner, we strive for a balance between traditional breakfast favorites and our own creations. We enjoy making good homemade food, utilizing ingredients from local vendors. Over the years we have been able to focus on perfecting our own recipes for things like sausages, sauces, biscuits, soups and weekly specials. Our customers really seem to appreciate the ‘wall of hot sauces”, and often contribute new types of hot sauce they pick-up on their travels to our collection.” —Judy Fleissner, co-owner of The Dish Cafe.

Fresh fruit

Plans for a second Dish came only after stumbling across the space for lease on Latona Ave. After 5 years of owning and operating their Ballard location, working alongside a great staff, and getting to know and enjoy their customers, they felt the corner of Latona and 65th offered a unique opportunity to expand in a great neighborhood. The new location offers high ceilings and a little more room than the Ballard location but will have the same seating capacity. While everything is a bit newer, the owners have tried to maintain the “diner” feel of The Dish by including a breakfast counter, brightly painted walls and some funky art pieces.

The “Grand Opening” will take place on Wednesday, August 14 from 7 A.M. to 1:45 P.M. With fresh juice and coffee, aroma of great food from a traditional menu with top shelf quality ingredients and healthy proportions, the feel and taste of the second diner brings you home.

Make sure to order the fresh squeezed juices to whet your appetite… we recommend the fresh squeeze apple juice.

The Dish Cafe Scone

Inside look of the dining room

Window seating… great for people watching

If If you love hot sauce, you’re in for a treat! Ask to try some.

There’s nothing like sitting at the counter at a diner

The Dish Café – Green Lake
301 NE 65th St.

Written by Charles Koh

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