BattleDish — 6 Seattle Chefs Compete in an International Culinary Competition

An international culinary competition in search of the best chef!
Battledish, an international chef’s competition is putting the Seattle food scene to the test. We brag about the dining scene here quite often, so this is our chance to shine and refute the nay­sayers! Chefs across the world take their turn to compete for various titles such as most delicious, most creative, best modern, best cocktail, and most authentic. Battledish will kick off the first ever competition in Seattle in Fremont, the Center of the Universe, with six lucky chefs on Saturday October 5th at 2pm. All ticket holders will have a chance to vote for their favorites in the competition along with an esteemed panel of featured guest judges.

Only one chef will emerge King of Battledish!  Chefs, details, and more to be unveiled weekly! More info and registration at

See ticketing details to the Battledish competition.

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Written by Charles Koh

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