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Coffee houses and students go together, well like coffee and anything…perfectly! Sure you can find a mega-coffee shop on almost any busy corner in Seattle but here are a few (currently) hidden gems to kick study time into a higher gear. The specialty coffee is guaranteed good and the caffeine will keep you focused. Do you want to get an ‘A’ in espresso? Skip the pumpkin spice latte and try a traditional espresso drink made with love. It could change your life, or even change your major. It doesn’t matter which school you go to or what subject you study, there’s sure to be a place around our caffeinated city that suits your style.

Opens 10/1/13 – Storyville Coffee – Northwest corner of 1st & Pike, Upstairs #34

I got an early invitation to visit this Bainbridge Island coffee roaster’s first cafe–and they are blowing up big time. This is the first of many. Luckily it is hidden in an obscure spot upstairs in Pike Market with free wi-fi, a cozy fireplace and a beautiful view of the bay and West Seattle. This is a (so far) quiet place to hang out and study. It is easy to get to from any part of the city, and Pike Market is a welcome change of scenery from campus life. Plus they have a large selection of house-made pastries that are truly tasty. Look for their next location to open on Queen Anne Hill very soon.

Row House Cafe – 1170 Republican St Seattle, WA 98109

Good coffee and good food are usually an either/or proposition for coffee bars, but Row House Cafe does both well. They feature Illy Coffee so if you are a fan of Italian-style espresso roasts and enjoy a hearty bite to eat–this is the place. The food menu centers around a comforting list of grilled cheese sandwiches, perfect for any study break. The place fills up with an Amazon-centric lunch crowd, but at other daytime hours it is an oasis of calm. The arty yet homey decor makes it a perfect spot for Antioch or Cornish students to sip a latte with the latest required reading assignments.

Analog Coffee – 235 Summit Ave E Seattle, WA 98102

Even with a GPS I had to circle past a giant Starbucks twice until I found this sweet spot. Their understated storefront is on the corner of Thomas and Summit on Capitol Hill in a residential section. It features ‘slow coffee’ so order a single-origin pour over and grab a seat. There’s free wi-fi, with no password required. Not many pastries here but if you are looking for cold brew on tap you’ve come to the right place. Warning, this cafe is for people who like to rock out with their computer dock out. Analog refers to an enormous vinyl collection behind the bar. If the beautiful Herkimer-roasted coffee doesn’t wake you up, the music will. Whether you are a student at Seattle Community College, Seattle U or a simple student of life, check out this coffee.

Milstead & Co. – 770 N 34th Street Seattle, WA 98103

This is a ‘secret’ spot that everyone already knows about–but it is far enough off the beaten path that it hasn’t become a hangout (unless you count the local tech workforce, then consider an afternoon spent here a networking opportunity). Milstead & Co. is a light-filled welcoming space with fragrant coffee aromas from a rotating cast of top blends and single-origins. There is comfortable indoor seating and an outdoor community patio adjacent to it. Not much parking so bike or bus to this commuter-friendly neighborhood. If I were enrolled at Seattle Pacific University, this would be my dorm room. Honestly, I would never leave…maybe they could offer a work/study/drink coffee program.

Samantha Joyce is a writer for Seattle Coffee Gear. Samantha has learned to make good coffee at home but continues to seek out better coffee around Seattle.

Written by Charles Koh

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