Now Open: CopperWorks Tasting Room and Distillery

Photo Courtesy of Copperworks

Copperworks Distilling Company is now open for the public to taste Seattle’s growing distillery craze.  Located just minutes, if not seconds away from the Seattle waterfront, you can experience and learn about the distillery process first hand, and of course taste some really good spirits.  Copperworks premium gins and whiskeys that can stand impressively on their own at the tasting room and retail store.

The craft fine spirits are distilled in traditional Scottish copper stills which were hand-built by expert coppersmiths in the highlands of Scotland. With four custom-built stills, Copperworks is able to produce each of the products in a still best suited to that individual spirit.

Copperworks believes these traditional copper pot and column stills provide the best possible flavor for our spirits. In other words: copper works!

The Copperworks Difference

  1. Copperworks uses traditional distilling processes and a proprietary fermentation method to create a rich, distinctive house flavor in its spirits. 
  2. Four traditional copper stills were hand-built in Scotland specifically forCopperworks. The custom stills enable the distillery to use a still best suited to each individual spirit and deliver the best, most authentic flavors. These are unusual stills and processes for the U.S. distilling business.
  3. Copperworks bases all its products on malted barley – it’s the most expensive, flavorful grain used in the distilling industry and we believe it produces spirits with the richest flavors.
  4. The Copperworks team focuses on providing an enjoyable experience of tasting and learning about distilled spirits in their memorable, central waterfront location.

Copperworks Distilling Co.1250 Alaskan Way Seattle, WA 98101
(206) 504-7604

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