‘Juicebox’ Juice Bar and Cafe Coming Soon to Capitol Hill on November 11


Juice-i-vores, cleansers and first time juice fans have reason to celebrate as Juicebox opens their first permanent café, the week of November 4th Hill. Juicebox’s location will be in the Hunters Capital, historic Ballou Wright building located at 1517 12th hand-pressed juices that have earned Juicebox its reputation for instilling improved health. With ingredients ranging from apples, carrots, oranges and kale, to the more exotic ginger and turmeric root, Juicebox’s creations offer a variety of health benefits- while delighting the palate.
Each 16oz. juice boasts over 2 pounds of raw, small batch, mostly Washington state sourced produce.The café will be the first permanent space for Juicebox. “We looked at looked at a variety of locations before settling on the Ballou-Wright building,” says owner and former ballet dancer Kari Brunson. “I love that it was built in 1913, and still boasts some of the original architecture. The building has a lot of character, which really compliments our homegrown brand.”  
Brunson and her partner, Chef Brandin Myatt began Juicebox in the spring of 2012 at a farmer’s market. Soon after, they set up weekend café inside of La Bête on Capitol Hill. It wasn’t long before their passion for thoughtful nutrition began to gain popularity. From there Juicebox has offered delivery and limited location pick-up until the opening of their permanent location. In addition to 16oz. a la carte juices, Juicebox will offer 1-5 day juice cleanses, and light seasonal fare including raw grain and plant based salads and soups. “We really believe in the importance of what you put into your body,” says Chef Brandin. “We just want to start people thinking about talking about optimum health.” Juicebox is at 1517 12th Avenue. Visit the website or on Twitter at for more information. Ave. on Capitol Hill. The café will offer the 100% raw, organic,

Written by Charles Koh

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