Bake’s Place Approaches Second Birthday as a Soma Neighborhood Retreat

Since coming onto the downtown Bellevue scene in 2012, Bake’s Place is a bistro, bar & entertainment dimension that remains unique. Bake’s appeals to Bellevue residents, people working nearby and guests from the entire region. Regulars enjoy eclectic food, craft cocktails and varied weekend music performances along with the heartfelt hospitality of owners, Craig and Laura Baker and their staff.

“It has been exciting and challenging, explains Craig Baker, Bellevue is continuing its downtown growth boom, four new apartment complexes and a hotel are in various stages of completion within three blocks of our location in SOMA (South of Mall), our operational model has evolved based on neighborhood demand. Originally we offered live entertainment seven days a week, almost two years later we still offer live musical entertainment of all types on Saturday and Sunday, but we now feature live music to enhance dining and foster conversation Tuesday through Friday. Our new gigantic 23’ by 14’ HD screen allows us to feature sports or host events like our upcoming red carpet 2014 Oscar Viewing Party in a setting that is sometimes better than being there in person.”

For the last 15 years, Bake’s Place has been well known for its outstanding music programing winning many accolades and awards, it has now gained a reputation as one of the Eastside‘s favorite places to eat and drink.

Photo by Rick Chinn

Written by Charles Koh

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