Crafty Kitschy Yummy Cocktails to Warm you this Season at Pink Door

The Pink Door recently began serving hearts of celery (the nice tender part) along with our house infused extra virgin olive oil to guests as a nice complimentary welcome/treat when they first sit down to dine.

That has left us with other parts of the celery stalk which the chef did not want to waste. Therefore, we decided to create a delicious cocktail with the FRESH JUICE but were not sure just how to name it. One of our guests overheard us as we were brainstorming at the bar and asked about the ingredients (gin/lime juice/celery juice/mint/cherry bitters/and a beautiful decadent Luxardo Italian cherry as the garnish.)

He simply said, “The Celery Made Me Do It” and the drink name was born.

Here is a list of the new cocktails:

The Celery Made Me Do It

Hendrick’s Gin, fresh lime & celery juice
mint, cherry bitters, & a Luxardo cherry garnish

Holiday Leisure Suit
Crown Royal, unsweetened cranberry, whipped egg whites

Naughty Naughty Fig Toddy
Fresh mission fig house infused brandy, vanilla bean,
lemon, brown sugar rim

Aperol Spritz
The traditional one…
Aperol, prosecco, & a splash of soda

Pomegranate Vodka Martini
We truly juice our own pomegranates!

X-Rated Cocoa
Pink house made marshmallow,
European style rich thick Chocolate peppermint schnapps

Photo courtesy of The Pink Door

Written by Captain Cook

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