LloydMartin’s Vegetarian Market Dinner + 3-Course Offer

LloydMartin is celebrating summer with the return of their popular Market Dinners – Nicole, believe you dined on this menu last summer. EveryThursday, Chef Sam Crannell visits his neighborhood farmers market on Queen Anne to pick out fresh-from-the-farm produce, straight from the farmers themselves. The strong vegetable and fruit showing from area farms make the 3-course menu at LloydMartin entirely vegetarian! Just $30 per person, the three-course menu pulls from the best of peas, green beans, lavender, cherries, apples, kale, lettuces, raspberries, blueberries and much, much more throughout the summer. Reservations are recommended for this dinner to ensure Sam brings back enough fresh produce. Market dinners are offered every Thursday and will change weekly.


In addition, Sam is also adapting the format of his daily menu (Tues-Sat) to accommodate a growing request. Guests can now assemble their own 3-course menu from Sam’s creative, everyday menu for just $45. Guests can still order fewer or more then three courses (hence the individual prices below), but they get a price incentive deal when ordering 3-courses. The full menu is up for grabs. Below is an example of a recent menu:

3 course 45 per person75˚egg · pork belly, cheddar masa, salsa verda 12
confit peach· aerated blue cheese, arugula, spicy marcona granola12v
ricotta cake· tomato relish, aged balsamic, basil 13
smoked turkey ribs · yams and stuffing 12
hamachi crudo · compressed mellon, urfa, cucumber water 14
seared foie · blueberry buckwheat silver dollars, bacon marmalade, butter vin 19

gnocchi · short rib and mushroom marmalade, fondue 19
lan rock pork tenderloin · cherries, mustard, kale, romesco risotto 26
rattitoule ravioli · cauliflower emulsion, saffron tomato air 23
red ranger roulade· pomme purée, succotash, fried farm egg 24
prime rib eye · sour cream knefla, mushroom bordlase, romaine 30
big eye tuna · marinated olives, summer beans, cherry tomatoes, lemon 26

cheese: mt. townsend seastack & humboldt fog 10
hot fudge sundae, vanilla ice cream and chocolate, salted nuts, brandy cherry 10
crème brulee in two ways 10
Berries, microwaved vanilla cake, honey marcarpne, Saba 10

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