Top 10 Best Places to Grab Breakfast & Brunch in Bellevue

By Charles Koh

What’s the most important meal of the day? Breakfast of course. At least that’s what my mother always told me every morning growing up. According to Google, Breakfast provides you with the energy and nutrients that lead to increased concentration in the classroom. Studies also show that breakfast can be important in maintaining a healthy body weight. Now, for what you’ve been waiting for, where the heck do I go in Bellevue for a good breakfast or brunch. We’ve put together our Top 10 list of best places to go.

Here is our top 10 list of our favorite breakfast & brunch joints in Bellevue:

  1. Local Burger (Brunch only, Saturday/Sunday)
  2. Lot No. 3 (Brunch only, Saturday/Sunday)
  3. Tavern Hall (Brunch only, Saturday/Sunday)
  4. Monsoon East (Brunch only, Saturday/Sunday)
  5. Earls Kitchen + Bar (Brunch only, Saturday/Sunday)
  6. Wild Ginger (Brunch only, Saturday/Sunday)
  7. Eques
  8. Lil’ Jon Restaurant
  9. Gilbert’s on Main
  10. Chace’s Pancake Corral

Photo credit to Charles Koh

Written by Charles Koh

Founded EatSeattle, and has continued to use his expertise as editor-in-chief to guide the website’s growth over the last five years. Koh’s experience focuses on digital marketing and social media, and has been a part of several companies, some of which he created, specializing in both areas over the course of his career. Koh was previously with Google and Zagat where he helped expand and grow communities worldwide.

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