Dungeness Crab Season Is Here

JUMBO Dungeness Crab and King Crab Legs Now Available for Overnight Shipment from Seattle’s Pike Place Market – FreshSeafood.com

Crab season is underway in the Pacific Northwest and Seattle’s Pure Food Fish Market, located in the world-famous Pike Place Market, is fully stocked with JUMBO whole Dungeness Crabs as well as impressively JUMBO King Crab legs and Snow Crab picks, the ideal crab snack food. Pure Food Fish Market services the entire country with fresh seafood, taking orders online at FreshSeafood.com and offering overnight shipment via FedEX. Hand-cutting and packaging all online orders at their Pike Place Market specialty shop location, customers enjoy premium fresh seafood simply not available at the local grocer, delivered directly to their doorstep in virtually 24 hours or less.

Wild caught exclusively in the icy waters off the Pacific Coast, Dungeness Crabs are a Pacific Northwest treasure. With the sweetest, tender, juicy meat, these crabs are prized up and down the coast and across the country for being arguably the best tasting crabs in the world. “We stock only the highest quality Dungeness Crabs, and they are truly gigantic – a great value to our customers,” market manager Carlee Kulman commented.

Pure Food Fish Market and FreshSeafood.com also stock jumbo, whole Alaskan Kodiak Red King Crab legs – these impressive creatures come straight from the deep, icy waters of the North Pacific and Bering Sea. Not only are they full of flavor, they are quite a sight.

Pure Food Fish Market and FreshSeafood.com offer a variety of crab products, with its most popular items being:

JUMBO, Wild Caught, Whole Dungeness Crabs – $30 per crab
JUMBO, Alaskan Kodiak Red King Crab Legs – $37.50 per pound
Alaskan Kodiak Red King Crab Leg Parts – $29.50 per pound
Alaskan King Crab Claws – $32.50 per pound
Alaskan Snow Crab Picks – $27.50 per pound

“Crab Lovers” package, including
2 lbs Kodiak Red King Crab Legs
2 Jumbo Dungeness Crabs, Whole
Jar of Pure Food Fish Market’s delicious Cajun Cocktail Sauce
Shipping fee
$175 total

Pure Food Fish Market is a specialty seafood retailer, specializing in fresh seafood from the Northwest. They stock a wide assortment of products. For a full catalog, visit Pure Food Fish Market online at FreshSeafood.com.

About Pure Food Fish Market:
Pure Food Fish Market is located in the heart of downtown Seattle in the famous Pike Place Public Market. Anyone who has visited Washington State knows that Seattle is the place for seafood. Tourists and locals alike come to the Pike Place Public Market to buy fresh seafood from Pure Food Fish Market, Seattle’s most popular seafood retailer. Our family has been down at the market for four generations stocking an abundant assortment of delicious seafood from around the world but specializing in the fresh seafood from the Pacific Northwest. Today, Pure Food Fish Market offers their fresh seafood to the entire country via FreshSeafood.com where they overnight ship via FedEx to ensure freshness upon delivery.

Written by Charles Koh

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