Secret Supper Soirée at Dine Out Vancouver Festival – 1 Week Left

Psst. The Secret Supper Soirée by Swallow Tail Supper Club is back. 
Each year, Tourism Vancouver hosts a 17-day festival (7 days left) filled with culinary events and experiences, hundreds of restaurants throughout the city and dozens of hotel options to create delicious dining experiences. One experience that sells out every year is the Secret Supper Soirée Presented by Swallow Tail Supper Club. Guests get to enjoy five courses, four wine tastings and two secret locations. You may still be able to join in the soirée for next Saturday on January 31st.
The evening started out at the Pacific Central Station, where a bright pink double-decker bus picked all the guests up and drove to a secret location. The first location was a fun surprise, we won’t tell you exactly where it took us, however we will give a few hints. Think paradise and exotic birds, we probably told you too much already. The event started with a glass of PIMMS and a few h’orderves as we spent about 30 minutes walking around at this secret location taking pictures, and enjoying the venue. After one cocktail and a few bites, the driver whisked us away to the second secret location.
The second location was a beautiful space with exposed brick, finished wood and a small dance floor to get your dance moves on. Being from Seattle, the venue architecture is definitely something you’d find in Pioneer Square or in Ballard. After some mingling, we got seated for dinner which was prepared by Chef Jamie Huynh (Chopped Canada, Hawksworth, Farmer’s Apprentice) and Brooke Lodge. 

Riesling, Moranie Winery, 2013

Pinot Noir, Moraine Winery, 2012

AROMATIC DASHI, braised daikon, poached egg, wild mushroom, Japanese mustard

Menu for the evening

FIVE SPICE Asian BBQ chicken, ginger scented jasmine rice, steamed bok choy, crispy shallots

TROPICAL Pineapple Cake, coconut crumble, bitters infused cream

Overall, the event was very entertaining filled with swing dancing, 1930’s outfits, meeting new people and a coursed dinner prepped by some of the best chefs in Vancouver. This Dine Out Vancouver event can be enjoyed by both locals and tourists as it’s great for groups and couples looking to enjoy a night out.

There’s still one week left of Dine Out Vancouver! Take a look at the restaurants and events for this week.

Written by Charles Koh

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