MmmHmm Coffee Grows Roots at Hilliard’s Beer in Ballard

Fans of the clandestine pop-up MmmHmm Coffee will be happy to learn that it now has a permanent home inside of Hilliard’s Beer in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle. After spending several months serving coffee cocktails at Ballard Avenue’s Anchored Ship Coffee Bar and bringing you fine espresso drinks in the lobby of the Sanborn Building – the café is here to stay inside the brewery.

MmmHmm Coffee prides itself on serving single-origin coffees from North Carolina’s exclusive roaster Counter Culture Coffee and is one of only three locations in Seattle to do so – including the legendary Canlis. Owner Jon French is believes in creating sweet, clean, balanced coffee beverages of the highest quality. Coffees are ground with precision using an EK43 Grinder and brewed to perfection using complete pressure profiling methods.

MmmHmm Coffee offers both speedy drip and slow brews in addition to a wide variety of espresso drinks. If great coffee isn’t enough and you need to satisfy your hunger pangs then you can pick up a fresh biscuit with fixins from Morsel. And if tea is your thing, the house-brewed unfiltered Chai made with fresh ginger cannot be missed. Get some!

About MmmHmm Coffee
MmmHmm Coffee is located inside Hilliard’s Beer Brewery at 1550 NW 49th St @ 17th Ave NW. Operating hours are 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. daily. The café’s website is at

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About the Owners

Jon French is the founder of MmmHmm Coffee and has been involved in the coffee business for the past several years at a variety of cafés in the Seattle-area. He was indoctrinated in the art and science of coffee at the Counter Culture Coffee Hub in Atlanta. Jon also credits Counter Culture’s own David Lamont for influencing both his knowledge of and passion for coffee.

Jack Ellis is a technology geek by day and has been involved in MmmHmm Coffee since its days of serving coffee-infused cocktails. He’s loves coffee and enjoys sharing his passion for it with his fellow caffeinated brothers and sisters.

About Hilliard’s Beer
Hilliard’s has recently completed three years in the marketplace. With a focus on excellent, craft beer in cans made with the best ingredients available, Hilliard’s can be appreciated by both the informed and informal beer drinker. Hilliard’s Ballard Taproom has become one of Seattle’s ‘go-to’ spaces for beer, food trucks, and events which is a nod to the spirit of the brew – Accessible, Well-Made, and Hard-Working.

Photo credit to Kate Kipley

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