Super Six to Open in Columbia City, Marination’s Sixth Restaurant

Marination Opens Sixth Concept in the South End with Chef Angie Roberts’ Asian-inspired Menu

The folks at Marination are no strangers to Seattle, with a strong and popular presence in Capitol Hill, West Seattle and their roving curb cuisine, courtesy of the food truck, Big Blue. For their next venture, the ladies of Marination are excited to announce Super Six, a new bar and restaurant in Columbia City, set to open in late 2015. 
Why Super Six? The restaurant’s namesake was inspired by its location in a former auto body shop on Hudson Street. The Super Six was a prized model of the Hudson Motor Company that was big enough to fit the family but powerful enough to earn driving respect. Marination founders Roz Edison and Kamala Saxton loved the spirit of this practical, saucy and full-of-life roadster and thought it was the perfect fit for their new restaurant.

Super Six aims to be that neighborhood place that has it all, offering espresso, weekend brunch, a full cocktail bar and beer garden and a menu focused on Asian flavors with elements of American comfort food and Pacific Northwest staples.

Super Six will be the sixth concept by the Marination team. Its five other siblings include Marination’s food truck Big Blue, Marination Station, Marination ma kai, Marination catering and their home base commissary. Hello, Six—you’re looking good already.

Marination owners Kamala and Roz decided to take business into their own hands. Their food truck, Big Blue, rolled out to the Seattle streets with smiles for miles and their unique Hawaiian-Korean fusion cuisine in tow. Millions of tacos and six incredible years later, Marination has grown into a beloved, aloha-filled family including the original Big Blue truck, a take-out spot in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood, a waterfront restaurant on Alki and the new Super Six restaurant and bar in Columbia City.


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