Mobile Mavens Roll Out Three New Food Trucks [Event on June 30]

Bon Appétit Management Company and Seattle chef Danielle Custer are pleased to introduce three new additions to the Mobile Mavens lineup, including a mobile bar, a new twist on chicken-and-rice, soft frozen lemonade, hearty craveable sandwiches, and more 

SEATTLE – Mobile dining just got more deliciously fun with the addition of three new food trucks that will hit the streets of Seattle come June 30th. Mobile Mavens — a mobile dining fleet created by Bon Appétit Management Company that consists of branded pop-up retro campers and bike carts — will be adding Lil’ Blu + Half Pint, GaiBox, and Picnic to its lineup, offering cocktails, chicken-and-rice, delectable sandwiches, and more. They will debut to the public via a pop-up launch party at the Olympic Sculpture Park on June 30 from 7:30-9:00 p.m.

In addition to unique menu offerings, speed will be on the Mobile Mavens side as each dish has been perfectly tailored to ensure it can be created at record speed — considerably cutting down standard food truck wait time for hungry guests. The compact size of the campers will also allow them to easily visit locations not normally accessible by larger vehicles, making them available for hire at a wider range of locations, events and parties.

“I love the ‘mix and match’ aspect of this project,” said Danielle Custer, Mobile Mavens co-creator. “We can send them out to daily street locations, pair them up, or bring the entire fleet together to create a street food park of our very own.”

The first two concepts, Biscuit Box and Pop Up (bike pops), quietly launched in 2014. After a successful first year, the Mobile Mavens decided to shift into high gear, as they simultaneously launch the three new concepts, and expand on their current offerings. Biscuit Box will continue to offer flaky, buttery biscuits smothered in local flavor, featuring Washington-grown Shepherd’s Grain flour and finished with a unique blend of toppings. Pop Up (bike pops), will be adding a second bike, increase its menu offerings, and will continue to serve a carefully curated selection of gourmet ice-cream pops, sandwiches, gelatos, sorbetos, and paletas from local ice-creamery partners like Cupcake Royale and Full Tilt.

The new concepts include:

 Lil’ Blu + Half Pint: This mobile bar will keep the party going strong all summer long and beyond. Lil’ Blu is housed in a converted 1968 Volkswagen van that has been modified into a charming vintage bar on wheels, that is perfect for parties. It features a flip-down counter, stools, karaoke machine, and a frozen lemonade machine for Dee’s Famous Soft Frozen Lemonade. Its sidekick, Half Pint, is a mini trailer that houses a kegerator and six taps for nonalcoholic local sodas and nitro cold brew. The taps can easily be flipped for beer and wine, when serving at private parties and events.

 GaiBox: As befitting its name, which comes from the Chinese and Japanese words for “chicken” and “outside,” Gaibox will serve up chicken-and-rice inspired by Nong’s Khao Man Gai in Portland, OR. Using locally sourced Osprey Hill Farm chicken poached whole with fragrant herbs and spices and set atop rice cooked in its own chicken broth, it will be served with three uniquely different authentic sauces. This tasty twist on a global favorite will be well worth crossing the road for.

 Picnic: This picnic-in-a-truck is BYOB (bring your own blanket)! Picnic will serve up wholesome and hearty sandwiches for every season. Offerings will include Alder Smoked Turkey Sammy, Italian Skagit River Ranch Sausage Meatball Hoagie, and an awesome Jamaican Meat Pie, served piping hot. It will also have a delicious PB&J for guests on the go, served on a brioche roll with house-made freezer jam.

The entire Mobile Mavens fleet will be rallying together for a Launch Party to welcome its new concepts, on Tuesday, June 30 at Olympic Sculpture Park from 7:30 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. Tickets cost $25, include dishes from each concept, and can be purchased through DYNE at

Written by Charles Koh

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