Holiday Cocktails Fireside and Under the Stars at Hollywood Tavern

Storied 1947 roadhouse. Glowing fire pit. Expressive tavern fare. 32 types of whiskey, craft cocktails and local beers on tap.

The Hollywood Tavern beckons this winter season. Nestled in the heart of Woodinville wine country, The Hollywood Tavern is a historic tavern and restaurant that brings community together with inventive craft cocktails, expressive tavern fare and a fun, informal atmosphere. Their inspiration is simplicity, with authentic techniques and fresh, local ingredients.

Woodinville’s oldest restaurant establishment (since 1947) is the ideal location for sipping whiskey and cocktails, noshing on tasty tavern fare, and telling your own tales in the glow of the fire pit.

With Woodinville Whiskey Company as their neighbor, The Hollywood Tavern features winter whiskey warming cocktails and more, brimming with good cheer.

The Hollywood Tavern ~ Winter Cocktails
(wwc= Woodinville Whiskey Company)

  • The Matchstick wwc bourbon, cinnamon liquor, hot apple cider ~11
  • Whiskey Nudge wwc maple honey infused bourbon, crème de cacao, Kahlua, hot coffee, whip cream ~11
  • Whiskey Bramble wwc bourbon, St. Germain, blackberry liquor, brut, bitters ~12
  • Oil Change wwc rye, meletti amaro, rootbeer bitters ~12
  • Woodin Sidecar wwc bourbon, lemon juice, orange juice, simple syrup ~11

If you’re in the mood for something cooler (and you brought your mittens) these Whiskey Milkshakes are equally delicious while sipping under the stars!

Whiskey Milkshakes
featuring Woodinville bourbon & soft-serve ~13

• Stumbling Cow vanilla, apple pie glaze
• Holy Cow chocolate and peanut butter
• Nutty Cow chocolate, vanilla, Nutella

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