Cupcake Royale is Bringing Farm Fresh Ice Cream All Summer Long

Working together with local farmers, Cupcake Royale brings its customers the freshest flavors of fresh-churned ice cream straight from the farm. Introducing the Farm Fresh Ice Cream Series. Cupcake Royale’s philosophy has always been natural, fresh, local and this summer, true to its word, the creamery introduces new flavors entirely focused around farm fresh fruits, vegetables, cheeses, and herbs.  The crew at Cupcake Royale will work closely with the farmers and prepare the flavors with expertise and utter respect. If the farmers can’t deliver a fruit fresh that day, then the flavor won’t be produced. It’s that simple. If a fruit runs out for the season, the flavor won’t be back until next year.

“We stand behind Farm Fresh when it comes to our ice cream,” said Nicki Kerbs, Cupcake Royale’s Director of Operations. “If you love a flavor, enjoy it while you can and trust us that it’s about quality, not quantity. Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram where we will announce new flavors and watch us meet the farmers, churn the flavors, and highlight all the local goods.”

The Cupcake Royale bakeshop is always busy producing the scratch-made baked goods for all the ice creams. “That is what sets our ice cream apart: we hand make everything from scratch – from the fresh rhubarb preserves that go into the crumble bars (which can be found in the Ginger Rhubarb Crumble ice cream) to the fig newtons that will be folded into the Salted Honey ice cream. We want the whole experience to be handmade by our bakers.” Additionally, Kerbs herself will be preserving lemons for the Preserved Lemon Buttermilk ice cream.

“We take so much pride in the flavors that we have been busy creating and it’s been a fun challenge to hunt down the freshest ingredients and develop recipes that perfectly highlight the farmers’ and makers’ products,” added Kerbs.

A hint of what ice cream and sorbets are to come throughout the summer season… Preserved Lemon Buttermilk, Strawberry Rhubarb Rose Sorbet, Strawberry Shortcake, Roasted Cardamom Cherry, Raspberry Kombucha featuring Communi Kombucha, Sweet Corn Marionberry, Blueberry Balsamic and Goat Cheese, Blackberry Lemon Verbena Sorbet, Crème Fraiche with Peach Habanero Jam, Salted Honey with Almond Fig Newtons, and last but not least Stewed Huckleberry Sorbet.*

Cupcake Royale is not only excited about introducing new flavors this summer, but equally excited about new partners, including: CommuniTea Kombucha,HeyDay Farm for their succulent rhubarb, Ballard Bee Company for their rich, creamy wildflower honey, and can we talk about the purest flake sea salt fromJacobsen Sea Salt?! Pence Peaches, the absolute juiciest peaches in WA.  Huckleberries from Forged and Found Edibles.

*For more information about Cupcake Royale and the ice cream collection, follow Cupcake Royale on social media throughout the season to stay tuned to the daily ice cream flavors, what’s fresh from the farm, and special offers. #KeepItSweetSeattle

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