Seattle Foodies Rejoice: Northwest Herring Week, June 20 – June 26

Kicks Off June 20

Top Seattle Restaurants to Feature Exclusive Alaska Herring Dishes for a Limited Time 

From Monday, June 20 through Sunday, June 26, a sea of Seattle’s best restaurants will showcase unique dishes featuring one of Alaska’s and the Pacific Northwest’s unsung, yet delicious, seafood heroes – wild herring. Not often seen on restaurant menus, until now, Seattle’s second annual Northwest Herring Week provides seafood aficionados and foodies alike with the opportunity to enjoy this tasty, nutritious fish.

As one of the region’s great, wild seafood resources, herring is abundant, affordable, sustainable and delicious. Herring is easy to prepare and one of the largest fisheries in the world.  Alaska herring has a surprisingly mild flavor similar to trout, is loaded with Omega 3’s, and comes from a sustainable fishery in Alaska. Fresh and frozen herring has largely disappeared from US menus and fish markets, however Northwest Herring Week will re-introduce the fish to Seattle’s culinary scene.

The Alaska Herring Development Project, a project of the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute and directed by ASMI Food Aid Director and herring fisherman, Bruce Schactler of Kodiak, is partnering with Seattle chefs and grocers to restore the Seattle market for herring as a high-quality food for people via NW Herring Week. North Pacific Seafoods, which produces sockeye salmon in Naknek, Alaska during the summer, is producing fillets from Alaska’s largest herring fishery for NW Herring Week.

NW Herring Week 2016 has enlisted dozens of Seattle restaurants and grocers to participate by featuring a herring dish on their menus or herring products in their retail stores including:

  • Altstadt
  • Art of the Table
  • Bastille
  • Blueacre Seafood
  • Ethan Stowell Restaurants
  • Etta’s
  • Lark
  • Le Petit Cochon
  • Little Uncle
  • Luc
  • Miller’s Guild
  • Old Ballard Liquor Co.
  • Orfeo
  • Palace Kitchen
  • Pork Chop & Co.
  • Revel
  • Stoneburner
  • Sushi Kappo Tamura
  • Terra Plata
  • The Walrus & The Carpenter
  • The Whale Wins


“Seattle is a great place to begin restoring herring’s rightful place as one the great seafood resources.  It has a vibrant food-curious and adventurous population that has fueled a local food movement that is growing exponentially and that leads the nation.  Not just for foodies anymore, great local ingredients are what everyone is looking for here.  Northwest Herring Week intends to make herring one of those ingredients again,” said Zachary Lyons, coordinator of NW herring Week.


For more information on wild Alaska herring, and a complete list of participating Northwest Herring Week restaurants, visit or the official Northwest Herring Week Facebook and Twitter pages.

Northwest Herring Week was founded in 2015 by Lexi of Scandinavian Distillery and Old Ballard Liquor Co., and is coordinated this year by Zachary Lyons in partnership with the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute.

Information on additional Alaska seafood species is available on

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