B.Y.O.B. at Wanderfish Poké

B.Y.O.B. BUILD YOUR OWN BOWL — New Poké experience highlights Chef-driven menu, sustainable fish, organic produce and dishes prepared to order

When Wanderfish Poké opens today, they’ll be joining a burgeoning group of Seattle area poké establishments, but with a slightly different point of view. The Capitol Hill “fresh casual” spot, across from Seattle Central College, will be offering aficionados an expanded, modern take on the classic raw fish over rice dish including: extensive options to customize, the use of sustainable and wild caught fish, locally grown produce and scratch-made ingredients.

The gluten-free menu for Wanderfish Poké is shaped by advising chef Brian O’Connor (owner of Korean fried chicken hot spot, Bok a Bok and previously executive chef at Skillet Diner and Blueacre Seafood) in collaboration with head chef Jason Velasquez (Wann Izakaya, Belltown and Katsuya, San Diego). O’Connor and Velasquez have carefully sourced the farms they’ll be using, such as Willowood Farm on Whidbey Island, that will supply kale year-round, along with other seasonal produce. 

With fish and seafood at the centerpiece of their menu, the chefs will be using Alaskan sockeye salmon, albacore tuna from Lummi Island, scallops from Oregon and sustainable yellowfin tuna caught in Hawaii. The chefs will be breaking down whole salmon and large tuna sections daily. They are committed to assuring high quality, sustainable sources and recognize that having a seasoned chef at the helm on a daily basis makes a big difference to even a casual restaurant.

“We’re all about transparency and letting our guests see and participate in their own dining process. It’s important that they know that we share their dedication for wholesome, healthy ingredients.” —Velasquez

For diners looking to craft their own unique bowl, they’ll start by selecting a base: shiso kelp noodles, bamboo rice, white rice, citrus kale salad. To that a protein follows: ahi tuna, salmon, albacore, scallops and tofu. Next, diners can enhance their bowls making choices from 23 mix-in’s; from avocado to crispy lotus root to enoki mushrooms. Lastly, the bowls are finished with sauce: traditional poké, umami shoyu, citrus ponzu, aioli, wasabi cream Sriracha aioli, sweet chili soy.

If decision making seems too much to contemplate, O’Connor and Velasquez have created eight “Chef’s Creations”, seasonally rotating bowls like the “Karma Bowl”with a choice of protein, chili sesame oil, fish sauce, diced orange, pomegranate seeds, shiso leaves, ogo seaweed and the “Harvest Bowl”, a choice of protein, sesame oil, tamari, birdseed chili, Granny Smith apples, mint leaves, toasted pine nuts, garlic, ginger. Also available will be a poké burrito (using nori) and poké nachos with tuna, dashi base, sweet chili sauce, cilantro, pico de gallo, avocado, sesame seeds and tobiko served with taro chips.

“We look to further expand Seattle’s passion for poké,” says partner, Tim Lee. “We hope that with our broad array of delicious options, we’ll open poké up to a wider audience.”
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Wanderfish / IG
Wanderfish / IG


Wanderfish Poké is located at 1620 Broadway, Seattle. They will be open 7 days from 11am-9pm. wanderfishpoké.com | email: info@wanderfishpoke.com.

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