Portland’s Broth Bar Opens Second Location in Olympia’s Food Hall, 222 Market

The country’s first dedicated bone broth café joins other local craft companies in new marketplace

After just one year of opening their first café, Portland’s Broth Bar will open a second location in Olympia, Washington on Saturday, November 19th. The first 50 customers will receive a free cup of bone broth. Broth Bar will be one of a number of vendors to open inside downtown Olympia’s new food hall, 222 Market. Bone broth is considered a traditional healing remedy for healing the gut, improving digestion, rebuilding cartilage, muscle recovery and boosting immunity. It’s recently gained international notoriety for its wellness benefits thanks to celebrities and bestselling books like Dr. Kellyann’s Bone Broth Diet and Whole30. Portland’s Broth Bar owners Tressa and Katie Yellig receive weekly requests from fans all over the country to open a bone broth bar in their cities, and are excited about the expansion.

“Miami, LA, New York, Seattle,” says Co-Founder Tressa Yellig, “people want us to open a bone broth bar where they live. For the growing number of those who make bone broth part of their daily lifestyle, we do the time consuming work of sourcing bones and cooking bone broth for them, making it quick and convenient to grab a cup on the go or to take a quart home to drink throughout the week.”

In opening the Olympia location, Broth Bar joins a list of other local craft companies in the 222 Market, which will also feature an oyster bar, bakery, distillery, florist, gelateria, grocery and cooking school. Broth Bar will also serve as a retail outpost for Olympia’s own OlyKraut, raw fermented vegetables made using traditional preservation techniques and locally-sourced, pristine ingredients. More information about vendors is available on the market’s website at: www.222market.com and their 222 Market District Facebook page

About Broth Bar

Broth Bar is the country’s first dedicated bone broth café, opened in August of 2015 in Portland, Ore. by sisters Tressa Yellig and Katie Yellig. Tressa has been making and selling her bone broth in Portland since founding her business, Salt, Fire and Time, in 2009. After six years of building a wellness community around traditional foods, she saw the need for a place to gather, as well as a venue to provide customers with a quick and convenient way to incorporate bone broth into their daily lifestyle — she partnered with her sister Katie who had recently left a corporate career in the beverage business,  and Broth Bar was born. What makes Broth Bar’s bone broth stand above others in the market is its purity. The Yelligs source bones directly from farmers and ranchers in the Pacific Northwest who raise their animals as nature intended, on pasture, grass-fed and grass-finished (and when feed is needed, it’s hormone, antibiotic and GMO-free).  Salt, Fire and Time’s bone broth contains almost 2 pounds of bones per quart, and is cooked in small batches for three days, in order to release the maximum amount of beneficial micronutrients. Broth Bar is also the retail shop for Salt, Fire and Time’s line of jarred bone broths, kombucha, grass fed beef jerkies and other nutrient dense foods. Everything served in the café is gluten-free, paleo-friendly, and selected with a focus on wellness. Broth Bar also ships bone broth nationwide through saltfireandtime.comWebsite: brothbarsft.com  Instagram:@BrothBarSFT  Twitter:@BrothBarSFT Facebook: Salt, Fire & Time/Broth Bar

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