McDonald’s and UberEATS Deliver: McDelivery Hits Seattle

92 Emerald City Area Restaurants Now Offer Delivery through UberEATS App

Okay Seattleites, now you can get your favorite Big Mac delivered with UberEATS. With a $5ish delivery fee, a few presses of a button and you’ll go from McDonalds drive-through to your driveway.  

Customers in Seattle will now find a new level of customer convenience, as McDonald’s has expanded its partnership with UberEATS to introduce McDelivery at nearly 92 restaurants in the area with the next set of launches on June 5. Seattle is one of the first markets in the country where customers can now enjoy their favorite McDonald’s menu items delivered right to their home, work, or beyond through the UberEATS mobile app or

The process is simple: Download the UberEATS app on your smartphone, find McDonald’s and order your favorites. It’s one more way McDonald’s is raising the bar – along with self-service ordering kiosks, digital menu boards, and mobile order & pay coming to Seattle soon – that McDonald’s is using new technology to make it easier and more convenient for customers to get their favorites on their schedules. The Northwest has also been a pioneer in several different menu and technology innovations for McDonald’s, including the introduction of Mobile Ordering in Spokane and Signature Crafted Recipes.

We spoke with one of Seattle’s franchise owners Lauren Morris and she shared her excitement for the latest UberEats partnership and how she got into the business. Her father Dennis Morris worked as the Director of Operations in Washington for 35 years and opened his first franchise in Mill Creek shortly after leaving the company. He now operates a total of 4 McDonald’s franchises throughout the Pacific Northwest, one of which Lauren owns and operates. The father-daughter duo have a combined 50+ years of experience at McDonald’s. Lauren is ecstatic about the recent partnership with McDonald’s and UberEats as it will attract even more people to enjoy the recent changes to the ingredients, menu items and new experience. She noted that UberEats will reach an untapped market like events, large gatherings, busy parents and millennials who rather dine-in than going to a physical location. 

We asked Lauren about how McDonald’s and UberEats plans to keep the FRESHness of the food ordered and she told us McDonald’s will be doing special packaging that is sealed for freshness and customer’s expectations for delivery are much lower than in-dining experiences. Because let’s get real, french fries are only great if eatin’ within the first 5 minutes. 

We’re excited to see this duo share the future with Seattleites. 

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Written by Charles Koh

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