Cubes Baking Co. Opens in Wallingford

Cubes Baking Co. recently opened their doors to the public as of last month in Seattle’s Wallingford neighborhood. A Mexican style panaderia (bakery) specializing in sweet and savory goods with a Tex-mex twist from the head baker’s hometown in San Antonio, TX. To celebrate Pride, De Colores is offering 50% of the profits made off of our Pride themed cubCube go to Entre Hermanos, a local non-profit focusing on the LGBTQ Latino community.
A little bit about the owner: Kevin grew up near San Antonio, TX and began baking at 7 years old when his grandmother came up with creative ways to keep him occupied. Always restless and eager to create, Kevin would look to his grandmother (nicknamed Maw-Maw) to keep him busy with arts and crafts projects. Maw-Maw would also blindly choose recipes from her copy of The Redbook Cookbook and instruct him to create each recipe. A short walk to Maw-Maw’s chicken coop allowed Kevin to gather his own fresh eggs to use in the recipes. This sparked his passion for art, cooking, and baking. After graduating from Le Cordon Bleu in Austin, TX, Kevin began professionally cake decorating while working for a grocery store bakery. He has also worked as a cake artist, an executive pastry chef, and bakery development consultant in Seattle, WA. Cubes Baking Co. is the result of over 10 years of professional baking and cake decorating experience.

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