ROYCE’ Chocolates Available in Bellevue for a Limited Time – A Must Try

POP-UP ALERT: 12PM – 6PM on October 7th and 8th located on the second floor of The Shops at The Bravern together with Lady M Cakes. Pre-orders online will also be available if you want to order ahead for pick-up, order here.

If you love chocolate, ROYCE’ Chocolates might win the prize for the most luscious, mouth melting experience. We sampled a few from the collection like the Champagne Pierre Mignon, Fruit Bar Chocolate, Chocolate Wafers, and a Dark Chocolate bar and we were blown away. From packaging to scooping up the rectangular shaped chocolate with a small shovel (included) made it more of an experience than a piece of chocolate you find at the store. The chocolates are extremely creamy, simplistic in form, and cut through your teeth like warm butter. ROYCE’ bar chocolates on the other hand were the opposite, they were crunchy, complex in ingredients and toothsome. Think of it as a very upscale Kit Kat bar on steroids, in the very best way possible.

A little history for those who are new to ROYCE’. The company was founded in Sapporo in 1983. Through acquiring the best techniques and enriching our experience, we are able to make chocolate of world-class quality in Hokkaido where the climate and the clean air are ideal for making confections. The fundamental principle of ROYCE’ has been and will always be the painstaking sourcing of high quality ingredients.

Because of increasing demand, over the course of time ROYCE’ began taking telephone orders from customers from outside of Hokkaido. Customers’ names and addresses were recorded by hand and their orders were sent one by one from our factory. That was the beginning of our mail order system. When ROYCE’ started to bake cookies at a small factory, the smell of fresh-baked sweets tempted and attracted the neighbors. A table was put in front of the factory and cookies were sold. That was the beginning of the direct management stores. Looking back, the history of ROYCE’ has been based upon the support of many people. Today ROYCE’ chocolate is enjoyed not only by the locals of Hokkaido, but by chocolate lovers from all across the world.

So, how do you get your hands on this glorious chocolate? There are a few retail outlets throughout the U.S., see locations. ROYCE’ does not ship products overseas from Japan unfortunately as chocolate easily melts when temperature gets high and it is difficult to keep the quality.

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