Q&A with W Bellevue’s Chef Thomas Horner

With only a few weeks left, people across the country are scrambling to prep a Friendsgiving or full-blown Turkey Day that will put smiles on every guest’s face. While there is always room for family recipes on the table, W Bellevue’s Complex Executive Chef, Thomas Horner, shares a few tricks of the trade to help your readers host a Thanksgiving to remember!

Here is brief Q&A with Chef Thomas:

  • What’s your favorite place – whether it’s a cook book, website or a family member – to find recipes and inspiration?
  • Do you have any tips for saving time on prepping and cleaning?
    • A stress-free Thanksgiving dinner starts with chopping and prepping ahead of time. If you start with the longest cooking item and work from there, you’ll save yourself from rushing to the finish line.
  • What is your most unusual go-to ingredient/secret ingredient?
    • Adding citric acid into your bulk spice rubs can create a flavor profile that makes your food burst!
  • What’s your all-time favorite Thanksgiving dish? What’s the usual spread on your family’s table?
    • Hands down, stuffing! And at my house it is always served with a side of Bourbon Fig Jam.
  • What would you say is the must-have gadget for every aspiring Thanksgiving chef?
    • If you’re looking to serve a gourmet meal to a crowd, a big stock pot is the best place to start.
  • Are there any fail-proof way to cook the bird this year?
    • If you are going to do anything with your bird this year, it has to be brining it! There is no other way to get your turkey flavorful while keeping it moist. Say bye-bye to dry birds!
  • When it comes to presentation, how can we wow our guests like the pros.
    • YouTube “debone your bird” and that’s all you need to know.
  • What’s the best complimentary cocktail or vino for thanksgiving dinner?
    • A classic, homemade Lemoncello will always set you straight.
  • How do you like to dress up the traditional desserts?
    • Whip up some fresh whipped cream to add to your favorite pie!
  • Are there any approachable dessert ingredients you’d recommend this holiday season?
    • You’ve got to try a new dark chocolate, there are so many good ones out there.
  • What’s the best pre-dinner snack for those who can’t hold out until the big meal?
    • I love to set out smoked turkey meatballs, served with gravy. It’s works as the opening act for the big bird to come.
  • Favorite ways to utilize leftovers after the holiday:
    • Soup, there’s no better way!


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Phone: (425) 709-9000

Written by Charles Koh

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