Flat Stick Pub to Open Third Location in South Lake Union, Spring 2018

FORE!! Flat Stick Pub is coming to South Lake Union. 

Flatstick Pub has only two rules: drink local and have fun. Simple enough. Owners Sam and Andy Largent have figured out the secret sauce to keep millennials entertained after work with its indoor interactive putt-putt experience, combines shuffleboard and mini-golf which they coined “Duffleboard.” What great about Flatstick? It’s built for all skill levels where a little luck can go a long ways, and if you’re having a bad day, you can get some beers and drink your sorrows away. The third location, like the other two will be dog-friendly.

Although not all the details have been revealed, you can expect a ton of local Washington-only brews, ciders, expanded food menu, outdoor space, and a brand-new game.

“Flatstick Pub has established itself as an entertaining, interactive and inviting pub for locals in the greater Seattle area, and we’re thrilled to welcome its third location to the South Lake Union neighborhood,” said Ada M. Healey, vice president of real estate at Vulcan Inc. “Flatstick Pub will surely add to the neighborhood’s energy and 18-hour appeal.”

Also, Flatstick 3.0 will be a whopping 11,000-square-foot located within the historic façade of the former William O. McKay Ford and Pacific Lincoln Mercury auto showrooms, which have been incorporated into the new Allen Institute Building (completed in 2015).

Flatstick Pub South Lake Union will be located at 609 Westlake Avenue North.


Photos from Flatstick Pub Instagram

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