Low Income Housing Institute Welcomes McDonald’s Food Truck to Serve Residents

McDonald’s is committed to giving back to Seattle and the Northwest by working with not-for-profit groups to help build a better community. This Saturday, February 3rd, from 11 a.m. – 1 p.m. the Northwest McDonald’s food truck will be serving some Chicken McNuggets and fries to residents of Georgetown Tiny House Village at 1020 S. Myrtle St., Seattle to help raise awareness for the importance of food donation programs and housing assistance in Seattle. Low Income Housing Institute (LIHI) will be accepting donations of fresh fruit, vegetables, protein, and non-perishable foods onsite during the event.

“We’re proud to partner with McDonald’s today to share a meal with our residents and raise awareness for important social programs like food donation and housing assistance in helping the Seattle’s homeless community,” said LIHI Executive Director Sharon Lee. “In the last two years, LIHI has transitioned 300 people from the tiny house villages into long-term housing and over 250 residents into secured employment. We celebrate that achievement today and continue our commitment to bring more services to more people in the community.”

Northwest Owner Operators of McDonald’s have been working with local non-profit hunger relief programs and donating unused food products in an effort to feed more families and reduce restaurant waste formerly destined for landfills. In 2017, the Northwest region donated 17,000 pounds of food – the equivalent of approximately 14,000 meals – for Seattle’s neediest families and homeless population. McDonald’s works through Food Donation Connection, an organization linking donors like McDonald’s to those in need through existing non-profit hunger relief programs. Once the connection between local owner/operators and charities has been established, food that meets all food safety standards is packed, labeled, and frozen at the restaurant before being picked up and delivered to local charities.

“As a local business owner I’m invested in the health and wellbeing of my community,” said David Santillanes, McDonald’s Owner Operator. “By working together with organizations like Food Donation Connection and Low Income Housing Institute, we aim to make a tangible difference in the lives of the people and families most in need here in Seattle.”

The Georgetown Tiny House Village for homeless individuals and families with children is run by Nickelsville and LIHI.

Georgetown Tiny House Village is a city-sanctioned and funded homeless encampment.  It opened in March of 2017 and serves 65 residents, including families with children, couples and singles.  The village features 37 tiny houses with heat, light, and electricity.  The village is on surplus city-owned land next to the Georgetown Fire Station and features showers, laundry, a counseling office and kitchen facilities.  The village is operated by Nickelsville utilizing democratic decision-making and a self-help model. Residents are required to put in volunteer hours such as kitchen duty, recycling, community litter pick-up, security and other duties.

About LIHI:

LIHI started building 8′ x 12′ tiny houses with Nickelsville as a response to the homelessness crisis and as a replacement for traditional tents. Tiny houses offer tremendous benefits over tents – they are safe, weatherproof, and lockable – and the communities that we help build allow residents to reclaim their dignity and get on a path to housing in a supportive village environment. For more information on LIHI, please visit www.LIHI.org.

About McDonald’s of Western Washington

McDonald’s of Western Washington is comprised of 182 franchised restaurants owned and operated by 28 local owner/operators. For more information visit www.mcdonalds.com, or follow us on Twitter (@McDonaldsNW) for updates on our business, promotions and products. Download our app at McD.to/GetApp.

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