Chinese New Year celebration at Baron’s Xi’an starts Feb 16

Baron’s new Lincoln Square South restaurant will be celebrating the Chinese New Year beginning this Friday, Feb 16 with festivities for the whole family.
The celebration will kick off this Friday at 4:45 pm with a traditional Lion Dance to bring good luck and fortune to attendees. This portion is free to anyone that would like to attend!
The night will continue with Baron’s contemporary menu items, modern plating and traditional Chinese cooking techniques in menu items that illustrate the symbolism of New Year and signature dishes such as Peking Duck. Diners will all receive hongbao, traditional lucky red envelopes filled with Yuan (Chinese currency) for kids, and for adults, special gift cards, with some even including a complimentary $49 signature Peking Duck.
The restaurant will be decorated with various celebratory items, from a money tree (symbolizing money and fortune) to hard red candies (candy is often used for cultural celebrations; red for good fortune, energy and joy/happiness), and oranges (good luck and good fortune).
In true tradition, the celebration will last 2 full weeks, through March 2. There will be a second Lion Dance on Sunday, Feb 18 at 7:30 p.m. Hongbao and other celebratory items will continue for the full two weeks.
Lion Dance Costumes_Grand opening

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