3X Poke Champ Scott Lutey Joins Poke to the Max with $250 Billionaire’s Musubi

Poke To The Max was founded by Award-winning Chef Sam Choy and Seattle native Max Heigh with the mission to serve amazing, authentic Hawaiian food and fresh, new, creative ideas. Poke To The Max is thrilled to announce that former executive chef of Sansei Seattle, Chef Scott Lutey, has joined the team to head the culinary crew and enhance the experience of the islands here in the Pacific Northwest. With the addition of Chef Lutey and ongoing leadership of Chef Choy, PTM is excited to offer new, innovative poke offerings and much more.

Scott has cooked with Chef Choy over the years at events in Hawaii, their relationship goes back nearly 3 decades. Lutey has gained his own fame over time, being a featured chef at The James Beard House, being mentioned in “The International Who’s Who Of Chefs” book, winning 2 poke contests in Hawaii, and being named best poke chef at The Seattle Poke Contest in 2016.
Chef Choy says, “It’s our job to elevate the culture and give people a true taste of Hawaii, we think Scott will be a great compliment to this team!” Chef Lutey adds, “I am very happy to be a part of this group and we are going to push the limits.”
Both Hawaiian natives have been working to develop new ideas that enhance the patron experience including an innovative take on the traditional musubi, named “The Billionaire’s Musubi.” This musubi is one of a kind and will be one of the world’s most luxurious musubis. Consisting of Japanese A5 Wagyu Beef ($89lb), Oregon Black Truffle ($50oz), Alaskan King Crab ($26lb), Ostera Caviar ($195oz), Habanero Tobiko ($21lb), 14k Gold Wrap ($90oz), Premium Sushi Rice & Nori. At a $250 ticket price (depending on market rate), this item may not be available for all. However, the featured poke of the week and new ramen menu will be a treat for all! Hillman City- 5300 Rainier Ave S~Tacoma- 1716 Pacific Ave~Food Truckswww. samchoyspoke.com~The Billionaire Musubi is offered by reservation only~
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