A Scottish Celebration on National Scotch Day at Macleaod’s Scottish Pub

National Scotch Day is coming up on Friday, July 27 and there’s no better place to celebrate than at Macleod’s. Macleod’s houses 200 single malt scotches that can be served neat, as a cocktail or as a flight and guests will find the most sought-after scotches in Seattle not found at other restaurants. From a huge selection of Campbelltown whiskies to the rare Hazelburn, Springbank and Longrow whiskies, readers can celebrate the holiday in the most authentic way at Macleod’s.

To name a few, Macleod’s proudly boasts:

  • Hazelburn 13 Oloroso
  • Hazelburn 9 Barolo
  • Springbank 11 Local Barley
  • Springbank 19 Sherry (Cask Strength)
  • Springbank 19 Bourbon (Cask Strength)
  • Springbank 19 Rum (Cask Strength)


Macleod’s Scottish Pub features single malt whiskies and scotch cocktails as well as a nice selection of whiskies from this side of the pond. Macleod’s serves some of the most sought after scotches in Seattle including Hazelburn 13 Oloroso, Hazelburn 9 Barolo, Springbank 11 Local Barley, Springbank 19 Sherry (Cask Strength), Springbank 19 Bourbon (Cask Strength) and Springbank 19 Rum (Cask Strength). It also serves the traditional Scottish dish Haggis, being the only place in Seattle to find it. The cocktail list also offers options for those that prefer added flavor to their beverages and some include:

  • Robert Burns – Scotch, Vermouth Rouge, Benedictine, Angostura Bitter and Lemon Twist
  • Blood & Sand – Scotch, Cherry Brandy, Orgeat, Lemon and Nutmeg
  • Whisky Mac – Scotch ans Stone’s Green Ginger Wine

While sipping on these whiskies, guests can also enjoy a traditional Scottish meal, Haggis, which can only be found in Seattle at Macleod’s.

Macleods Scotch 1

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