Argentine-Inspired Restaurant Patagōn to Open in Downtown Seattle

Patagōn unifies the splendor of the Pacific Northwest with the rugged South American spirit

An enormous open grill tended by skilled asadores, twisted metals, earthy tones, a menu inspired by Argentina and brought to life in the Pacific Northwest – diners will find it all in Patagōn, a new restaurant opening in downtown Seattle today. Patagōn is located on the ground floor of The Charter Hotel Seattle, a Rockbridge and Widewaters Group property.

Located on the corner of Second Ave and Stewart St (1610 2nd Ave), the spacious restaurant will put forth the many flavors, dishes and cooking styles found in Argentina, along with the country’s famously warm hospitality that invites guests to linger over a long meal and exquisite bottle of wine. Adding Northwest hallmarks to the experience, the grill-forward menu will feature grass-fed beef from nearby farms, fresh caught fish and seasonal vegetables prepared in styles blending the best of South America with the best of Seattle.

“Respecting the foundations of traditional dishes and sourcing ingredients farm-to-table are two philosophies cemented throughout Argentina’s dining culture, which we will honor at Patagōn,” said Executive Chef Brandon Cathey, who recently completed an immersive culinary experience throughout Buenos Aires, joined by several members of the restaurant team. “The thing that struck us the most on the trip was how meticulous chefs are when curating their products – they truly care about how the animals are treated and the farms where other ingredients are sourced. It was an unforgettable experience, and one we’re eager to share with our guests.”

The Charter Hotel Seattle Fog Room

On the menu, Cathey will highlight traditional Argentine selections, adding his own Northwest flair, such as:

  • Morcilla, a classic pork sausage enhanced with aromatic, regional spices, stuffed with golden raisins and Spanish rice;
  • Empanadas, made “street style” with organic chicken, grass-fed beef and local vegetables, paying homage to the region’s iconic pastry;
  • Bife Ancho, a large, tender bone-in rib eye cooked to perfection upon the “parrilla” – the open grill fired by smoky, white-hot coals;
  • Sweetbreads, slow-cooked and basted with marrow fat, born from the Argentine tradition of using the whole animal.

The beverage menu will include Argentine-inspired libations and signature cocktails along with a well-curated wine list highlighting Washington state’s classic wineries and varietals, favorites from Argentina and a more diverse selection to complement the restaurant’s cuisine. Argentina features some of the best growing conditions in the world, though 95 percent of all wines are consumed within the country – leaving only a lucky few to enjoy them from afar.

The Charter Hotel Seattle Patagon Restaurant

Patagon has guest seating for 80 in the dining room, 44 at the bar and lounge, and includes a private dining space for 16 and a countertop bar overlooking the grill. The restaurant will be open Monday through Sunday, 6:30 a.m. to 10 p.m. Reservations can be made through OpenTable. For more information on Patagōn, visit the website or follow on Facebook andInstagram.


About Patagōn

Patagōn restaurant brings the rugged spirit and bold flavors of Argentina to fresh Northwest dining. Located along downtown’s lively Second Avenue, the breakfast, lunch and dinner restaurant has a modern-meets-rustic vibe, anchored by a massive open-flame grill tended by grilling artisans, known as asadores. The menu features traditional and newly-inspired Argentine cuisine brought to life by local farm-to-table ingredients, under the guidance of Executive Chef Brandon Cathey and his team. For more information on Patagōn, visit thewebsite or follow on Facebook and Instagram.

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