Seattle’s Best New Affordable Eats

Seattle is filled with amazing restaurants, but also some high price tags. Within the last couple of months there a have been a few new restaurants open up who keep the price tag low without sacrificing quality.

Dingfelders Delicatessen

One of Seattle’s only Jewish restaurants, this family owned deli makes me wonder why there aren’t more places like itself. Currently serving mostly soups and sandwiches, Dingfelder’s is in the process of remodeling and expanding their menu to add a smoked fish counter, baked goods, and more. Their most prized menu item however, will doubtfully change. The $18 pastrami sandwich may sound like a lot to shell out for lunch, but it’s $5-10 cheaper than similar sandwiches sold at popular Jewish Deli’s in New York. A huge stack of tender pastrami is layered with homemade slaw, and sandwiched between two fresh pieces of rye bread. When I say it’s the best sandwich I’ve ever had, I’m not kidding. If you don’t want to spend $18, or aren’t a meat lover, there are other options. You can get a smaller sandwich for just $12.50, or enjoy one of their vegan soups that they have available daily. Dingfelders uses all organic ingredients, and makes sure there’s an option for everyone whether you’re vegan or gluten free. If you’re still not convinced, try stopping by for their corned beef and potato hash after a night out on Friday or Saturday, they serve the hash until 3am on weekends!

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Pioneer Square D&E

Located just blocks away from Centurylink field, this family owned restaurant serves up a wide variety of upscale food and drinks at affordable prices. Their eclectic menu takes inspiration from all areas of the world, from Israel, to India, to Mexico, to Italy, they’ve got something for everybody’s palate. Their popular root vegetable shawarma includes a stack of roasted root vegetables on a smear of hummus, inside a homemade flatbread and drizzled with lemon garlic oil. If you’re there for brunch, don’t pass up their apple fritters. Unbelievably crispy on the outside, and a pillowy heaven on the inside, these bite sized fritters are a must for your next meal. If you’re in the mood for a great deal, look no further than their fried chicken sandwich served with steak fries and a can of Rainier for only $10. This is a great spot to take your friends and family for high quality food without breaking the bank.

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G.H. Pasta Co.

G.H. Pasta Co. is a General Harvest restaurant that has kept it’s high quality and care for food, but lowered the price tag and moved to a more casual atmosphere. For $10.50 or less, you can get a very substantial bowl of fresh pasta with locally sourced ingredients; something you definitely can’t get anywhere else in Seattle for that price. I recommend ordering their Gemelli pasta which is topped with perfectly braised pork and fresh grated pecorino cheese. Their pasta dishes leave you completely satisfied, but aren’t overly rich. Located in the Denny Triangle area, this is a great spot to stop by for a casual and delicious lunch.

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