Sea-Tac Airport Reveals the First Phase of Central Terminal Renovation, Opens Five Eateries

Passengers welcomed back to airfield views, slimmer furniture, and new fast-casual dining choices

The Port of Seattle welcomed customers back into the south side of the Central Terminal at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport today. The current phase of the renovation restores views of the airfield via the iconic glass wall, debuts new furniture, and opens service from five amazing eateries to satisfy every palate, including Lucky Louie Fish Shack™, Evergreens Salad, Pallino Pastaria, Pei Wei Asian Kitchen, and Koi Shi Sushi Bento.

In the coming weeks, the Port will complete installing new high-top and ADA accessible charging stations and tabletops, all featuring Pacific Northwest-inspired wood finishes.

“Welcome back to the Central Terminal,” said Port of Seattle Commissioner Peter Steinbrueck. “We are halfway through a major customer service and facilities upgrade that gives our passengers more dining choices and more space to relax and recharge. This renovation also helps achieve our objective to increase business and job opportunities at the airport and to ensure that these opportunities are available to all.”

Much of the renovation work during this first phase occurred behind the scenes. The Port installed new HVAC systems and reconfigured tenant spaces while adding an elevator and stairs. Tenants then took over construction to build out their unique locations. The Central Terminal Renovation project will be complete in mid-2020 after the Port completes construction of the elevators and stairs to reach new mezzanine dining levels on the north and south sides.

“Passengers will see something new at Sea-Tac Airport at least every 90 days as we complete major customer service and facilities upgrades. We are building and renovating facilities around the airport to increase dining, retail, and passenger services. This is our strategy to meet the needs of more annual passengers while creating new business and job opportunities at the airport,” said Lance Lyttle, managing director of Sea-Tac Airport.

Between 2017 and 2022, the Port is investing $3.7B in more than 100 critical projects such as the Central Terminal Renovation, North Satellite Modernization and International Arrivals Facility. Starting this year and through 2021, the airport will add or upgrade 1.2M square feet, which creates more elbow room, improves safety, and meets the region’s needs.

Meet the new eateries, including:

Lucky Louie Fish Shack is a chef driven fast- casual seafood concept by Seattle chef Kathy Casey and managing partner Stacy House serving Pacific Northwest inspired classics. Menu favorites include the signature fish & chips made with sustainable and wild Alaskan Pollock, creamy, gluten-free clam chowder, honey teriyaki salmon and Shrimp Louie salads. And for an anytime treat, don’t miss the “Sweet Waffle Fish,” which are fish-shaped waffles filled with creamy cheesecake.

“Lucky Louie Fish Shack is a restaurant truly created from my heart,” said Chef Kathy Casey. “As a young girl growing up in the Pacific Northwest, I loved going to local fish and chip joints during summer trips to the beach. Operating partner Stacy House and I are thrilled to share these nostalgic, local flavors with passengers.”

Evergreens Salad provides healthy, convenient, and delicious meals for passengers on the go with entirely fresh and responsibly sourced ingredients. From signature salads, wraps, and grain bowls to seasonally-inspired selections, Evergreens makes it effortless to maintain a healthy lifestyle while traveling. Download the Evergreens Salad app to order ahead, skip the line, and earn rewards.

“We could not be more excited to open in Sea-Tac’s Central Terminal and provide healthy, delicious food to the millions of travelers who come through the airport every year. Customize your favorite made-to-order salad, wrap or grain bowl, or utilize our online ordering or grab-n-go features; our food is absolutely ideal for the active traveler on the go,” said Evergreens Salad President and Co-Founder Hunter Brooks.

Pallino Pastaria is a local fast-casual Italian-American eatery that reigns as a longtime passenger favorite at Sea-Tac Airport. From delicious breakfast pizzas that can be paired with the self-serve espresso bar to anytime pizza, pasta, piadina, Italian subs, soups, and salads, Pallino is serving up authentic Italian food and hospitality for the whole family.

“Sea-Tac Airport is a gateway to the Pacific Northwest. It is a privilege to play a role in representing the region and to continue our tradition of welcoming and comforting travelers with great food and service,” said David Montanaro, Managing Partner, Pallino.

Pei Wei Asian Kitchen is a fast-casual restaurant that honors Asian culinary tradition by wok-searing premium ingredients in portions that satisfy. Founded in 2000, Pei Wei’s story began with culinary experts at P.F. Chang’s envisioning a restaurant that served authentic, Asian-inspired dishes without compromising freshness for speed of service.

Pei Wei’s bold flavors couple sit-down quality with take-out convenience. Menu offerings include wok classics featuring rice, noodle and, salad bowls along with lighter options such as lettuce wraps and sushi. Dishes are easily customized for a variety of palates and diets, including gluten-friendly and vegetarian.

Koi Shi Sushi Bento debuts in Sea-Tac Airport’s Central Terminal with made-to-order Japanese delicacies. The menu offers a fusion of flavors, along with sushi, sashimi, and create-your-own poke bowls. Passengers may dine-in along the high-top sushi bar or choose from a variety of grab-and-go options such as a food trend darling, bento boxes.

Sea-Tac Airport is nearing the end of a long-term dining and retail redevelopment program to increase options for travelers and expand access for small and local businesses. These five openings, in addition to the three restaurants opening in the North Satellite Expansion this spring, expand choices for guests and create new business and job opportunities at the airport.

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Written by Charles Koh

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