Want to Cook Like a Pro? Try Rouxbe!

Want to cook like a pro? 

Unique online cooking school, Rouxbe provides culinary training for home chefs and professionals.

Looking to up your at-home cooking game, or to gain additional professional skills? We’ve found a company that is helping both home chefs and the industry at large with their online culinary training program. Rouxbe has a few separate areas of focus depending on your specific needs, but supports anyone who wants to become a better cook. They offer courses and a membership option for individuals, extensive programs for those in the culinary industry, and additional options specific to health and wellness – think a full course on plant based cooking!

The home chef membership is $9.99/month and provides unlimited access to membership courses, all lessons, and hundreds of recipes. For aspiring chefs, or those working in restaurants and want to increase their skills, Rouxbe offers two options:

  • Basic:  A course focused on entry-level cooks, perfect for individuals or small companies and growing teams. It includes 30 Continuing Education Hours with the following: premium technique videos, chef instructor Q&A support, team tracking, online quizzes and ACF recognition.
  • Pro: A course designed for individuals or larger teams, it includes an expanded curriculum, offering world-class training. It includes 110 Continuing Education Hours with the following features (in addition to Basic): Available in Spanish, French, Mandarin and Arabic, chef instructor and live grading, white labeling and ranking, third-party platform integrations, ACF and Worldchef recognition.

Over the last decade, Rouxbe has trained over 540,000 people- from aspiring home chefs to professional cooks – in over 180 countries.

How it works

Rouxbe’s high-quality videos provide comprehensive visual and verbal descriptions of the what, how, and why behind universal culinary techniques. Think of it this way – when you attend a live sporting event, you have the opportunity to see each play only once- there is no replay. If you happen to glance away, get your view blocked by another fan, or happen to be in the nose-bleed section, there is no way to see it again. However, if you are at home watching on your TV, you have the best view as well as the option to watch the replay as many times as you’d like.

This is similar to a live cooking class or demonstration – your viewing is limited. With Rouxbe, you always have the best view, access to replays, and the ability to revisit the technique any time. And while you can’t ask the coach a question mid-game, with Rouxbe you have access to instructors that can clarify or dive in further to topics as needed. Beyond helping take our dinners to the next level, we think the home cook subscription could make the perfect gift for your favorite foodie!

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