Where to Eat in Seattle for Less Than $5

If you’re reading this, I’m sure you’re aware that Seattle is outrageously expensive. Yes, the food is wonderful, and I often willingly deposit my pay-check directly into the restaurants here, but I should probably try to do this less often. (New years resolution?) Believe it or not, you can get great food in Seattle without breaking the bank. Can you get a full meal? Not really, but you can get some really, really good snacks. These spots can be hard to find, but lucky for you, I’ve made a list. As a disclaimer, these foods are all five dollars or less not including tax or tip, but come on, you probably have a handful of coins in your jacket pocket anyways. 

Pretzel and Obatzda: $5

Where: Rhein Haus Happy Hour


A pretzel like no other. I’ve heard that even the ones in Germany don’t compare. Order it during happy hour with the Obatzda dipping sauce. The Obatzda is key.

Biscuit and honey: $2

Where: Bok a Bok

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Biscuits. Made in house and baked fresh daily. #Comethru.

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Buttery, flaky, and fairly hefty, this biscuit delivers on all levels. This biscuit comes with a floral honey to drizzle, no extra butter is necessary. 

A slice of pizza: $3

Where: Hot Mama’s

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Hungry??????????? Stop by and say hi!… #happymonday

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What’s not to love about a good sized, freshly made slice of pizza? Forget about throwing $20 for pizza at a fancy restaurant, and get yourself the real deal for just a few bucks.

Pot stickers and dumplings: $4.95

Where: Dough Zone

Nearly all of Dough Zone’s dumplings and potstickers are under $5, and well worth every buck. If you have a little more cash to shell out, go for the best-I’ve-ever-had steamed pork bao buns. 

Nori Fries with a miso honey mustard dipping sauce: $3.15

Where: Katsu Burger

Ok, so fries under five bucks are pretty easy to find, but these aren’t your regular fries. Sprinkled in salty nori straight out of the frier, pair these with a miso honey mustard dipping sauce for way better than average fries. Katsu is also fairly generous with their serving sizes!

Quesadillas, burritos, and tacos: $2-$4

Where: Tacos Chukis

It’s no surprise Tacos Chukis made an appearance in this article. Not to talk poorly about most other Mexican restaurants in Seattle, but why pay $15 for 3 measly tacos when you could get better ones for just $2 a piece?

Cake, cookies, brownies and cupcakes: $2+

Where: Grain Artisan Bakery at various local markets

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We have both a few leftover slices from the market yesterday (single serving) and I was able to make more than a few extra full size Christmas preorder items (family size)! You can add on to your current preorder order OR you can grab something if you procrastinated and didn’t preorder! IMPORTANT! Your extras request is NOT confirmed until we reply with “YOUR ADD ON REQUEST HAS BEEN CONFIRMED”. Pick up times and locations are as follows: our kitchen on Madison in Seattle 4-6pm, my home in Bothell 5-7pm, and Chic in Snohomish from 5-7pm. Again, because this is cross posted and we’re busy, make sure we reply “YOUR ADD ON REQUEST HAS BEEN CONFIRMED” before expecting it! FULL SIZE CHRISTMAS PRE-ORDER EXTRAS – 10% off pre-order price 1 salted honey brioche loaf 4 GF V cinnamon roll packs 5 brioche morning cinnamon roll packs 1 caramel apple pies 1 GF V bourbon pecan pie 4 Pacific Northwest mixed berry pies (1 GF) 1 set GF caramel artisan brownies 4 plain (non Santa formed) PALEO GF DF pumpkin bread loaves 4 GF V cakes (can be peppermint or earl gray frosted) 1 GF dark cacao caramel cakes 2 cranberry shortcake cakes 2 Buche de Noel 2 PALEO GF DF dutch apple streusel tart 1 savory caramelized onion asiago dill scone pack SINGLE SERVING MARKET EXTRAS – 50% off retail price 5 slices eggnog cake 4 slices snickerdoodle cake 2 slices cranberry shortcake cake . #intentionaleating #wholefoods #intentionalingredients #organicingredients #organic #localingredients #fairtrade #grainartisanbakery #supportyourfarmers #snohomishbakery #seattlebakery #bothellbakery #gglocalgems #happynow #bakerylife #creativecollective #seattleeats #seattledesserts #seattlefoodie #foodiesofseattle #foodie #smallbusiness #eatlocal #momboss #entrepreneur #womanownedbusiness

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Making an appearance every Sunday at the Capitol Hill Farmers market, this bakery appeals to everyone. They offer lots of amazing gluten free, vegan, and paleo options.. They’re flavors and variety are outstanding, and everything is very instagrammable. If you’re not in the Cap Hill area, they pop up at lots of other markets in Seattle, just check their social media. 

Ice cream sandwich: $4.95

Where: Hello Robin

I’ll admit, five dollars is kind of pricey for a dessert, but when you’re getting 2 freshly baked cookies and a solid scoop of ice cream, it’s a pretty good deal. Heck, most ice cream spots in Seattle charge nearly $5 for a single scoop, so you may as well get two cookies with it!

Mochi donut: $3

Where: Dochi Mochi in Uwajimaya

One of Uwajimaya’s newest vendors, Dochi Mochi is slinging out mochi doughnuts for $3 a pop. Dochi serves up more creative flavors and textures than your average doughnut shop, and yes, they are very photogenic. 

Naan: $3

Where: Annapurna

Buttery naan, must I say more?

Ice cream sundae: $2.70

Where: Dick’s

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Great pic @roundeye35

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Contrary to popular opinion, I don’t think their burgers live up to the hype. However, you can get a very satisfying ice cream sundae here for under three bucks. I’ve been told to get the mint ice cream with hot fudge. Sounds pretty worth it to me. 

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