8 Washington Wines to Pair With Your Next Takeout Meal

How many of you have ordered takeout this year? As we all continue to spend more time at home, it’s safe to say that takeout has become a saving grace for…a lot of us. Here are some of great Red Mountain wines that will pair nicely with your next meal from home.

Get Rich: Seaside with Semillon. Red wine drinkers: meet your white wine match! A rare endeavor for winemakers, the Semillon varietal offers notes of powdered sugar and fruity notes like pear and green apple. This wine is best enjoyed outside on a warm sunny day, paired with any seafood.

  • Pairs best with: Rich seafood like crab, lobster, scallops, mussels and clams
  • Wine recommendation: Frichette Winery 2018 Artz Semillon

Some Lemberger with your Lamb Burger? If it’s true that with age comes wisdom, then Lemberger must be the wisest of the bunch! One of the first grape varietals planted on Red Mountain, Lemberger has made its way through Eastern Europe back in the Middle Ages. Like a Pinot Noir, this varietal is lower in acidity, producing a softer wine with lower tannins. Go ahead and pair your Lemberger with a lamb burger (seriously!) – or your next cheesy pasta dish.

  • Pairs best with: Braised meats like lamb; pizza and pasta; hearty cheeses like provolone and parmesan
  • Wine recommendation: Kiona Vineyards and Winery 2018 Estate Red Mountain Lemberger

Merlot: The Coca Cola of Wine. A wise chef once said, “Merlot is like Coca Cola. It goes with everything.” This blending grape varietal is softer than a Cabernet, and therefore much more approachable. Merlot works best with earthy flavors, but whatever you do, keep your wine glass far away from Asian fusion.

  • Pairs best with: Hamburgers, pasta Bolognese, roasted eggplant, mushroom risotto, grilled or smoked salmon; rich cheeses like blue cheese, swiss and Jarlsberg
  • Wine recommendation: Hightower 2016 Red Mountain Merlot

A Red Blend for your Adventurous Friend. It’s no secret that a quality Cabernet-dominant blend is suitable for everyday enjoyment. Indulge in bright red fruit tones, balanced by soft tannins and an expressive finish. A red blend pairs well with earthy flavors and creamy cheeses. As long as you avoid spicy foods, you can’t go wrong with a nice red blend!

  • Pairs best with: Game like goose, dark turkey and chicken liver; roasted vegetables and earthy flavors like lentils, onion, mushrooms and green beans; herbs like rosemary, sage and garlic; creamy cheeses like pepper jack, provolone and parmesan; Italian dishes like pizza and pasta
  • Wine recommendation: Fidélitas 2017 Red Mountain 4040 Red Wine

Spice it up with Cabernet Franc. Because of its high acidity, Cabernet Franc is super approachable and pairs well with bold flavors. Cab Franc will happily be the “yin” to your takeout “yang.” Often featuring fruity notes of blackberry and plum, this varietal allows for plenty of experimentation with spicy dishes and braised meats.

  • Pairs best with: Spicy dishes with sausage, chiles; big, bold flavors like barbeque and braised venison; hearty herbs like rosemary sage and basil
  • Wine recommendation: Col Solare 2015 Component Collection Cabernet Franc

Que Syrah, Syrah. With its mysterious dark hue, Syrah’s full-bodied  flavor balances out smoky and spicy flavors. A dynamic yet soft varietal, Syrah pairs perfectly with your smokey patio barbeque or personal picnic charcuterie boards this summer.

  • Pairs best with: Smoked meats, barbeque, wild boar and spare ribs; spicy flavors, chilies and black pepper; hard cheeses like gouda, parmesan and pecorino Romano
  • Wine recommendation: Schooler Nolan 2015 Red Mountain Syrah

Malbec: The Cherry on Top. Malbec is one of the more underrated varietals in the wine world. Often dark in color with juicy berry overtones, Malbec’s spiced and sweet flavor pairs best with rich desserts, savory cheeses and spicy foods.

  • Pairs best with: Rich desserts with dark chocolate or cheesecake; savory cheeses like blue cheese and cheddar; spicy foods like curry and Moroccan flavors; slow-braised meats, bacon, barbeque, chili, stews and Italian sausage
  • Wine recommendation: Schooler Nolan 2015 Red Mountain Malbec

Cabernet: The Star of Red Mountain: “Cab is king!” That’s what they say on Red Mountain. Cabernet, the official beloved grape varietal of Washington state, is known for its thick skin and late harvest. It’s well worth the wait every year, especially for those who enjoy pairing their wine with rich flavors — whether they are sweet or savory.

  • Pairs best with: Mediterranean food; lasagna, pasta Bolognese, filet mignon, roasted bell peppers, robust sauces; bold herbs like garlic, mint, basil and bay leaf; soft cheeses like gorgonzola, gouda, parmesan and blue cheese; sweet flavors like black currant, blueberries, molten chocolate
  • Wine recommendation: Schooler Nolan 2015 Red Mountain Cabernet Sauvignon

If you’re planning on making a trip down to the Tri-Cities, which we highly recommend, there are a few great waterfront options which include the Courtyard Marriott and The Lodge at Columbia Point. Full lodging options range from four-star accommodations to bed and breakfasts, vacation rentals, and other unique accommodations.

Here is a list of Activities & Attractions: 

  • Known as “The Heart of Washington Wine Country®,” the Tri-Cities region houses more than 200 wineries within a 50-mile radius.
  • Those interested in the arts can catch a theatre performance, a concert at a local bar or one of several big festivals held in the area each year.
  • Tri-Cities boasts ten golf courses that are open year-round and challenge the most experienced players, but can be enjoyed by beginners as well.
  • History buffs will enjoy the Manhattan Project National Historical Park (MPNHP), a site that preserves and interprets the nationally significant historic sites, stories, and legacies associated with the top-secret race to develop an atomic weapon during World War II.
  • Visitors of all ages will enjoy the REACH Museum, the epicenter for tourism specifically for Ice Age Floods, Mid-Columbia River Basin history, and the Hanford Reach National Monument.
  • A true child’s paradise, the newly redesigned Playground of Dreams includes a hydroplane, the cable bridge, a lighthouse and a Lampson crane. The new playground can be navigated by users with wheelchairs or mobility limitations.

Visit www.visittri-cities.com and click on “hotels & lodging” for a comprehensive list of places to stay in the Tri-Cities.

For the latest information on the AVA and current reopening status of member tasting rooms around the state of Washington, visit redmountainava.com/tasting-rooms.

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