25 Best Seattle Chicken Wing Joints

What makes the perfect chicken wing? Is it the crunch? The stickiness? The chew? The seasoning? The sauce? Depending on your style, all of these may hold true. Seattle’s chicken wing scene has expanded quite rapidly over the last 5 years with a huge wave of “KFC” Korean Fried Chicken to Vietnamese Fish Sauce to classic buffalo style wings. Below is a mix of all of them.

When we’re looking for a good chicken wing, we look at the following: the flavor, crispy texture, size, and the sauce.

  1. Wing Dome, Greenwood, Kirkland, Seattle
  2. Wingstop, Many locations
  3. Chi Mac, Bellevue/Seattle
  4. Ba Bar, University Village
  5. Ezell’s, Many locations
  6. Burnett’s Pub, Renton
  7. UnderGround Kitchen, Federal Way
  8. BB.Q Chicken, University Way
  9. Hue Ky Mi Gia, Kent, ID
  10. Bonchon, Capitol Hill
  11. Bok A Bok, White Center
  12. Fat’s Chicken & Waffles, Central District
  13. Mangosteen, International District
  14. Cookie’s Country Chicken, Pioneer Square
  15. Sisters and Brothers, Georgetown/Interbay
  16. Drae’s Lake Route Eatery, Rainier
  17. Nue, Capitol Hill
  18. Quick Pack Food Mart, Central District
  19. SoDo Chicken, SoDo
  20. Mama’s Chicken, Bellevue
  21. Marco Polo Bar, Georgetown
  22. SuperSix, Columbia City
  23. D&E, Pioneer Square
  24. Island Soul Rum Bar, Columbia City
  25. Stars in the Sky, Edmonds

Special mentions:
Earl’s, Bellevue
Joey’s Restaurant, Bellevue, U Village, Tukwila

Author: Charles Koh

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