Meet Korean BBQ Launches Happy Hour & Kids Menu

Korean BBQ aficionados can now savor an elevated dining affair with a touch of familial charm as establishments introduce a premium happy hour experience, tailored to cater to both adults and children alike. This innovative offering not only elevates the culinary landscape but also fosters an inclusive environment for families to indulge in delectable flavors together.

The new happy hour menu brings a great selection of meats and sides including American Wagyu Gold Grade, Chuck Eye Steak, Berkshire Pork Belly, Corn Cheese, Banchan, Ssam, Egg Souffle & Wagyu Soybean Stew. On the kids menu, you’ll see the American Wagyu Gold Grade, Zabuton, an absolutely tender experience for your palate. For those mindful of portion sizes, rest assured, the servings are more than ample to leave you feeling completely satisfied and content.

Meet Korean BBQ distinguishes themselves as a Korean Steakhouse experience rather than an “all you can eat” establishment boasting Gold Grade Prime or superior quality meat, sourced from renowned providers like Snake River Farms for American Wagyu and Berkshire Pork. Notably, the meat is intentionally left unmarinated, except their signature bone-in marinated short rib, akin to a savory dessert. Guests are invited to enhance each bite with a choice of finishing salts, ensuring that every morsel showcases the exquisite quality of their steaks and pork.

The servers take on the dual role of chefs at each table, expertly cooking all meats to perfection, guaranteeing nothing is overdone and served precisely as anticipated. While this personalized culinary experience may be a rarity among the majority of Korean BBQ restaurants in the PNW, it’s a hallmark feature commonly encountered in the esteemed Korean Steakhouses of Seoul.

You’ll find Meet Korean BBQ nestled at the intersection of Pike Street and Summit Avenue, where ample parking awaits on Summit Avenue, particularly at the Summit Garage. As an added bonus, Meet Korean BBQ is currently running a parking promotion: patrons who utilize the Summit Garage (with a minimum parking fee of $6) and present their parking receipt to a server are eligible for a $6 discount on their total food bill. It’s a sweet deal, with one use per table.

Meet Korean BBQ
500 E Pike St, Seattle, WA 98122
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